After 12 years of preparation and months of hype, James Cameron’s Avatar surpasses expectations for a unbelievable, immersive experience showcasing a new step in the evolution of cinema. Comparisons to FernGully or the Smurfs are fallacious and juvenile, belittling a true rebirth of 3D and the most impressive visual effects to ever dazzle an audience. I’ve never seen anything like it.
I believe that the story of this film is based on the Indian Epic called Ramayana. Where in Ramayana, The hero, Mr.Rama is one of the avatar of Lord Krishna (as per Indian mythology). The skin tone of Mr.Rama is also blue in color as of Avatar’s Na’vi people.
The assistant of Mr.Rama is called as Mr.Anumar, has a tail in his back as like Avatar’s Na’vi People. In Indian tradition, trees are treated as symbol of god. “Koodu vittu koodu paithal” is said to be supreme art of india where in this art, A life can travel to different bodies i.e medium. Likewise the climax of Avatar film is as of exchanging lives to different bodies.
This black art is still practised at kerala in India.
So the western civilization is slowly coming the Indian way…