Starring : Vishal, Neetu Chandra, Tanushree Datha, Mouli, Santhanam, Mayilsamy, Sathyan and etc.,

Director : Thiru
Music : Yuvan Shanker Raja
Story : An Young boy (Vishal) is often used to choose from options in any circumstances. For example, he wants to buy a cloth, he has to take at least three option in clothing. When he decide to find his soul-mate, he figured out three girls as correspondingly each girl has beauty, bravery and money. He tried to make them fall in love with him by making lot of fraudulent activities with the help of his friends.
At this juncture all them were fallen love with him. Then he tried to chose one of them. But at that time one of them found his activities and challenged him that he will not able marry any of the girls including her. Afterwards, the boy marries with whom (as everybody knows) is the climax.
Director tried to give a fun-filled love story with dramatical twists. But most of the twists in screenplay are easily predictable and little bit of messy. Vishal is not at all matching with his “karthick” character (playboy). Each and every scene in beginning of the movie reminds various Tamil movies.
Neetu Chandra made her character 70% true and justifiable with her performance. Other two heroines are no more with acting rather that appearing in the movie.
Mouli acted well as a ‘Father’ and scores in interval block with his humorous dialogs. As whole, Theeratha vilayattu pillai is not up to the expectation and over all rating would be 2.5 out of 5.