Most awaited film from the director Gautham after his earlier film Varanam Ayiram. Moreover, This film’s music is being composed by Oscar Hero A.R.Rahman. It also adds up star value to this film.
Starring: Simbhu, Trisha, Babu Antony, Uma padhmanabhan, Ganesh and others…
Directed by : Gautham Vasudev Menon
Music Composed By : A.R.Rahman
Editor : Antony
Photography : Manoj Paramahamsha
Story : Simbhu – a Hindu boy, who has bachelors in mechanical engineering and passionate to do film direction, falls love with his landlord’s daughter Trisha, who is a Christian girl, on the very first sight. But Trisha opposes his love by denoting his age is lesser than her age by one year and also she told him about his strict father who is against love marriage. Somehow Simbhu brings her love towards him. Even though she has fallen love with Simbhu, she is not ready to marry him for her family traditions. And finally we has to rush to watch this film to see whether Simbhu marries Trisha or not(!)….
This film is a refreshing film among other Tamil action masala stereo type films. Shimbu and Trisha performance in this film is really amazing and practically done which portraits real time character we seen on our lives. Even the stunts done by Shimbu are also reminds real fights on the field. Trisha plays a confused and excited girl role and it delivers her talented performance which justifies the next-door girl look. Moreover, Trisha looks very beautiful and lively.
The photography for the film is simply superb. Especially, in night shots of Kerala before interval part is fairly well-done. The editing without any gimmicks of the movie helps the story leaves the lively narration. Ganesh, friend of Shimbu in the film, made his every scene with an unique presentation with his humorous dialogs.
Finally, A.R.Rahman has done a fantabulous job. Every song and its picturisation captures our hearts. In this movie, he tried to break standard format of a song and it worked out very well and extremely pleasing.
The second half of the movie is literally slow and the lengthy dialogs between Shimbu and Trisha is quite a bit irritating and reminds old school dramas. The twist before interval block is not believable and makes a cinematic flow of interval block. Without the climax, its an ordinary love drama which we seen already many a times. But the director made the difference among other films with his story presentation through a very simple and real-like incidents.
The director Gautham has been once again pleased with his very matured and lively screenplay and story.
Over all This film scores 3.5 out of 5.