Starring: : Jiiva, Poonam Bajwa, JD Chakravarthy, Vadivelu.
Direction: Thiraivannan
Music: D Imman
Production: Super Good Films

First is first. super good films had given some memorable and strong story movies. But Kacheri Arambam lacks the originality in story and it is taken from various other Tamil (Ayudham, Malaikottai, Ghilli) & Telugu (Aata) movies!!! may be it is sons movie ..but humorous one liners and Jiiva performance with Vadivel makes the movie watchable.

Story of Kacheri Arambam
Jiiva(paari) is only son of their rich parents in village and he roams,helps,sings fight with his friends(usual Tamil hero…).he is do gooder(as name suggest….) and parents are worried about his career. finally with some quarrels with their parents he land up in Chennai .he meets Poonam (Madhi) in a accident and falls in love at first sight. He tries to thank her but the girl avoids and goes on her way.there opens a twist, as a Royapuram don JD Chakravarthy (Sivamani) is in love with Poonam and he kills every person who talks and follows Madhi.
Hero come to know that and assures her will lend a support and the rest cat& mouse game , and how our heroine falls for hero forms the crux……

Jiiva has given heart and soul for this movie and as Paari he has given a commendable performance. he shines in all aspects…be it love ,action,dance(Jivva best), humour, expressions.
Poonam looks beautiful as Madhi and fits the bill. JD.Chakravarthy is good though his characterization is incomplete. It is Vadivelu as Diwali who steal the show apart from Jiiva and this combo sets fireworks in theatres especilly after interval…
Camera and editing helps the pace of the movie.stunts scenes keeps the tempo high and the dance(hats off Ashok raj, Shobi, Dhinesh & Gaythri) have been choreographed well .It is dialogues especially the one liners(kinda spoof to limit) makes u laugh and Tiraivannan has be successful in writing dialogues

The story is pretty old and don’t know why all heroes land in Chennai(reason to buy a Saree,a silk dhoti for parents in his salary) is ridiculous….screen play to time it holds the grip but it reminds all the old movie especially Telugu flick Siddharth & Genelia starrer Aata ….can guess what is the next scene in most of time…
Songs have been average for a commercial flick. D.Imman could have worked on songs and BG. “vithai vithai” is good to watch and peppy one “kadavule” is breezy melody though the song and picturaisation reminds (run and Bombay respectively).

It is debut movie for Thiraivannan and has succeeded to a extent, but still he can give his best in future projects as the movie showcase that he can emerge as top commercial directors when he concentrate on story and screenplay.Super good films have also entered in to commercial movies.Wishes to every one for the future projects.

Verdict: 4/10 (1 for Jiiva,1 for Vadivel,1 for dialogues and 1 for stunt and dance)

Movie canvas punch: Kacheri is okay,doesn’t rock