Starring: Sam Worthington, Ralph Fiennes, Liam Neeson, Alexa Davalos and Gemma Arterton

Director: Louis Leterrier(the incredible hulk, transporter 2)

Clash of titans(2010) movie is inch by inch a story or say fight between good and evil . the movie to certain extent as the similarities of the recent movie the Percy Jackson:the lightning thief, lord of rings,legion… still the movie works out due to marvelous special effects(watch in 3D) and some breath taking visuals n performance from the cast.

The story starts at the ancient Greek times. long years ago the stars(titans) were ruling the earth but in future the Zeus(god) takes over the world with the help of other two gods. one have been Poseidon god and other one the brother(heidus) of Zues has been cheated , and given the power to underwold(god of hell).Zeus create people in world ,who expect some love and prayers from them.Heidus with support of Zeus creates a monster beast(dragon son of heidus) for their safety. But when time floats the people of Agroa(city in sea) brilliant art work!!!!!!!!! are not willing to bow to god and doesn’t believe Zeus. They propose war to god(war between god and humans) . Zeus the god gets angry with the people in world and gives the power to Heidus to bring people back to the feet.
So , Zeus takes other route to get tit for tat, he himself changes into the king of Agroa and share the bed with Queen of Agroa. The king gets angry and tries to kill the baby as well as queen and decides to throw them in sea. unfortunately, son(Percias) son of Zeus is saved by a fisher man and his family. He grows and they live a happy life until Heidus murders their fisherman family. The Vengence between Heidus and the Percias starts. Heidus starts horrifying people . The only option is to kill the princess and satisfy the god Zeus. The king refuses , so they form a team with Percias ,travel a long and dangerous journey to find the truth of Heidus and also Percias.What happens is the rest of movie. who is Percias? why is he not willing to live as god?Heidus and the beast die or not? find the answers in the theatres…


The movie is out and out a Brilliant 3D special effects. The photography is stunning especially in the opening credits and stunt sequences. The fights with giant crab,giant crab journey,Zeus god statue destruction,flying horse, queen of hell(the Cg and Make up is awesome), climax fight with giant dragon will get you to the edge of the seat. lots of action scenes and some brilliant visuals will chill your spine. sam worthington(Percias) previously seen in Avatar , Ralph Fiennes and the supporting cast have done a commendable jobs. The background music gels very well with the movie and keeps you entertaining. Director has done a great work and the hype n hula around the movie has yielded a better result .

The movie remains some of the previous movies say LOTR,narnia etc.. the story also has similarities with recent released movies. Nothing else seems to be major flaws.

Clash of titans(2010) the next 3D movie after avatar has some mind blowing visuals and graphical works. It is a thorough summer entertainer for the action movie lovers , childrens, also family(dubbed in regional languages). Grab a ticket now for matinee or for evening you will enjoy the 2 hrs..
Movie canvas Punch: Action and special effects dhamaka…
verdict:5/10( 3 for 3D special effects,1 for photography,1 for direction n performance)