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Angadi Theru Tamil Movie Review

Starring: Mahesh, Anjali, Venkatesh .A

Director: Vasantha Balan

Music: G V Prakash Kumar, Vijay Antony

Producer: Ayangaran international

Here is again the realistic movie from the notable director in Tamil industry.Yes, Vasantha Balan is back with the emotional story with some spectacular dialouges penned with heart touching scenes and performances.

The story starts in Tirunelveli where Lingam(mahesh) the hero is brilliant student who gets first in school unfortunately lands in Chennai for a sales job with his friend Pandy in Ranganathan street because of his father sudden death and his poverty to save his family. His expectation on the famous store job is bombed as it is similar to slave life. (queing up for food, time entry, hectic work,100 sleep in small hall etc…). Though the life is miserable , he carries out the job because of a sales girl Kani(anjali) in the same floor.
After the initial hiccups, they started falling each other, where this is not liked by the floor supervisor karungalli(venkatesh.a)who is right hand of Annachi(owner). Both of them Face lot of troubles, confused by friends death, poverty, they decide to come out of the store and tries to live their love life happily . But soon a tragedy happens and that incident changes their entire life. do they get married? any person from the street supported them or not? forms the crux of the story.


The movie tries to connect the audience with emotion & reality and Vasantha Balan has succeeded to a great extent. Movie is straight from the heart and straightly taken to the heart. The movie has some gripping moment in the first half which keeps you engaged with ranganthan street and its life. The dialogues are the highlight in the movie( claps and whistles from audience!!!!) as it portrays real life scenario. The direction is extra ordinary has Vasantha Balan gets right expressions from the right cast. The casting is too good and every body in the movie did justice to their role.

Mahesh,debutant fits the bill. Its Anjali(kataradhu tamil fame) show!!!!!. scorching performance and some lovely expressions makes the movie enjoyable. Especially scene where supervisor em brasses her in the shop and immediately she takes up the customer with smile & tears…awards are in the queue girl. other unexpected performance from director A. Venkatesh as karungali is natural and riveting.some other character also catches you like Pandi(mahesh friend), annachi, handicapped wife…

Photography travels through Ranganathan streets and the lightning is superb. ” aval appadi” ,” Kadhaigalai pesum”, “un perai ” songs penned are major plus points. hats off!!!! too Vijay Antony and G.v Prakash. Sneha in guest role is okay. Editing is slick


The second half is little slow. Some scenes are cinematic too. The language (Tirunelveli) is good but some times it is very fastly spelled were dialogues are difficult to grasp.

The movie has some lighter moments ,& its sure to touch your heart and wake up ur mind , if you care for people in this world. Angadi Theru is one of precious & memorable movie in the film industry.

Verdict: 6/10( 2 for dialogues, 2 for direction, 1 for Anjali & others performance and 1 for music)
Movie canvas punch: Traveling in this street is memorable..

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