Starring : Karthi Shivakumar, Thamanna, Milind Soman and etc.,
Music : Yuvan Shanker Raja
Direction : Lingusamy

Story :

Karthi is staying with his friends in bangalore. His friends are helping him to get a job. But when he goes to an interview for that job, he saw Thamanna and as everybody knows, he has fallen in love with her at the very first sight. But he could not able to meet her. Accidently after some days he saw her at Railway station. And she misses the train and ask to help to go to Mumbai. And the journey from Bangalore to Mumbai starts.. Both are meeting several twists and dangers in their journey. Finally the well known climax is that whether karthi and thammana gets joined or not..

Strengths :

Karthi is well played in the movie as a lover boy. Thammana gets the same roll as all herione done in every movie. The comedy from Karthi is well worked in the movie till to the end. Stunts are really stunning. Especially songs and bgm is simply superb and one of the sucess booster for this movie. Cinematography is an added value-plus for the movie.

Weakness :

Most of the comedies between Karti and Thamanna are seen in many earlier movies. The twist before interval and following flashback is somewhat not merging to the movie and looks like insertion as a ad between a movie runs in T.V. So no stronger reasons found for villan gangs to oppose karti and thamanna. The climax is riminding the Vijay films. The love at first sight is not at all represented clearly in the earlier stage of movie. So following scenes are not making us to watch the movie as a romance journer.

Overall : Paiya is not fulfilling the expectation..
Rating : 2.5 out of 5..