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Darling Telugu Movie Review


Star Cast :
Prabhas, Kajal, Prabhu, Shraddha Das, MSNarayana
Story :
Prabhu – Prabhas’ father and his college-mates are assembled for a get-together meet. Prabhas and Prabhu’s friend Ahuti Prasad’s daughter Kajal Agarwal get introduced each other at their childhood in that meeting. Prabhas and Kajal got used to more alike friends. But Ahuti Prasad and Kajal Agarwal settled down in Switzerland very soon. The childhood love between Prabhas and Kajal came to a break. After some years, In Prabhas’ college farewell, Shraddha Das proposes to Prabhas. Prabhas denies her proposal due to his childhood love with Kajal Agarwal. So, Shraddha attempts suicide for her love failure. Shraddha’s father Mukesh Rishi forces Prabhas to marry her daughter. Prabhas lied to him that his lover Kajal is in coma by an acciedent and even still he is wailing for her recovery from coma. Once again Prabhu’s college friends are assembling for a get-together meet at one of his friend’s village. On that occasion, Prabhas flirts Kajal. But Kajal appears to hate Prabhas. Meanwhile, M.S. Narayana son comes to the occasion from Australia. Ahuti Prasad and Prabhu decides that Narayana’s son as alliance for Kajal. At the same time, Mukeash gets to know about the Prabhas’ lie about his fabricated love story. One more time, Mukeash rushes towards Prabhas to ask hime to get marry with his daughter. But this time he arrives with his violent troop in order to finish Prabhas’ life, If he denies his marriage proposal. Then the climax reveals how Prabhas and Kajal are getting married after all confusions and inconvenient situations.
Strength :
Prabhu and Prabhas father-son relationship is some kind of variety and unusual from normal telugu cinima where in all the fathers against with the son’s activities always and quite interesting too. Prabhas plays as a romantic lover and that suits him very well even though he has some heroic and cinematic scenes in the film. Kajal justifies her character with her mannerism plus her audacity performance. The Village block of the film is most interesting than the Switzerland block. Notably, Kajal’s brother character is very humorous. The songs and BGM from G.V.Prakash has done a fantabulous task for a romantic, routine film like this.
Weakness :
First of all, why all the telugu romantic films’ stories are particularly centric about the hero and heroines love and their separation at their childhood. The villain character is clumsy and artificial in the story flow. So the Switzerland block which is a fabricated love story by Prabhas to cheat the villain is not all interesting and somewhat unfit to the story continuity. And arrival of the Character of M.S. Narayans’s son is predictable. Finally the climax is too long and the fight and emotional portraits are routine and sluggish.
Overall rating for the film is 3 out of 5.


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