After the block buster Dookudu , Sreenu vaitla joins with Mass star Junior NTR For the movie whole telugu industry was curious of the release…


      Same old story !!!!Sadhu( kelly) who is international don involved with all sorts of mafia and weapon dealing…Baadshaa ( Junior NTR) works for him as his father is good friend of Sadhu..but Sadhu bai tries to kill Baadshaa who wants to be don of don…in the fight, Baadsha saves his father and lands in paris as Rama rao hides his identity, goes beyond a girl( kajal Agarwal) who loves people and proud of humanity..soon they fall in love…and returns to India with a mission ..

     Stays in Kajols house has a wedding planner as she is daughter of city commisioner( nasser) already engaged to Assistant young commisioner Aadhi( Navedeep)..what was the mission of Baadshaa? who is he really  a don or spy or common man? is revealed in old fashion but..never felt appetite on the entertainment factor



+ Junior NTR Power -packed Punch performance & graceful dance movies( Rangoli, Kanakam,  sairo..are eye candy ..blasting dance)
+ Beautiful , gorgeous & glamorous kajol in  songs and movie
+ sharp and hilarious dialgoues…( Baadshaa  once decide aai pointhee, war one sideee,….Pitch Needhi Match naadhi, Thattha peru pettuthadu samathi ku kathu, Peru pettinathu Sarithramkosam…)
+ color ful picturisation of songs and beautiful locations
+ Brahmi’s sure laugh riot will bring audience down with his the biggest strength..( the dream machine comedy is Athiri puthiri)
+good casting and performances
+ couple of songs are foot tapping…Baadshaa title songs, bantipoola Janki, Kanakam..are good…
+ Prince Mahesh Voice over and Siddhu guest role…
+ Guhans photography is clean..and makes the movie stylish one..


–  Dookudu hangover all over the songs, sets(Auto abbaro song in Dookudu and Kanakam resembles same)…stunt location, climax before scenes where Brahmi involved ,some dialgoues too, story…
– Resembles movies like pokkiri and hollywood flick Departed in few scenes
– stunts could have been better in this rollicking entertainer
– Story is same old ..and lack of continuity…( Bantapoola Janaki songs ,,foregin guys dance, in few shots our local guys dance with CG work,,,hong kong..but few shot in hyderabad and local places …..and do the police doesn’t have a single snap of Baadshaa and even Aadhi strugles to identify him??
– Background is average and loud..

.first half is average which rides high on Junior NTR’ s Charima and energetic performance, Kajol beauty & glamour, M.S Narayana comedy..but the second half is the real toast..Super songs, Wow!!!!!! Junior NTR Dancing skills, and not to forget Brahmanandam hilariouis comedy..which sets the screen on fire..non stop Laugh-riot for 30-40 min……and so Baadshaah falls easily to entertainer category..Sreenu Vaital proves again he is versatile in Dialgoues and Humour

Baadshaaa..still is a clear entertainer..with family and masses will relish this summer..:-))

Verdict:6/10(1 for Junior NTR performance & dance, 1 for Kajol,1 for Brahmi,1 for Songs & picturisation, 1 for comedy, 1 for second half & dialgoues)
Movie Canvas Punch: Baadshaa…May not be the Baadsha of all..but will conquer our heart in the name of entertaiment