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Hari, the mass masala director-suriya class actor given three hits came out with fourth movie that too a sequel…Singam 1 end is the beginning of Singam 2…None of the sequel worked great in box office in terms of kollywood..what about this one?

Production: S. Lakshman Kumar
Cast: Anushka, Hansika, Santhanam, Suriya, Vivek
Direction: Hari
Screenplay: Hari
Story: Hari
Music: Devi Sri Prasad


After Durai Singam( Surya) resigns his police job, back to the city Thuthukudi as a NCC officer in a school..but now he is undercover ..only know to the home minister..He works at the same time monitors the sea side smuggling of Weapons which is been done by great dhada..Sagayam( Rajendran) who is right  of Bhai..But no sooner Durai Singam reveals to Minister that it is not weapon but drug dealing ..in crores and crores..He wanted to catch up who is behind it..so still in undercover…Satya( Hansika) a school student who is daughter of great Thangaraj(Rahman)..a business tycoon is in love with Durai singam.. Durai singam loves Kavya( Anushka)as thir marriage has been stopped due to Singam Father misunderstanding….Sooner, he suspects ..finds the criminal behind it..but unforutnalty takes up has DSP incharge before his undercover act conclusion…

When he gets in detail to the case of Sagayam, there comes even a bigger news has few people have been dealing with intertnational drug mafia don Dany(Dany)..he supplies to India and coastal regions of Thuthukudi….with help of few dangerous people…how Duria singam overcomes his personal love interest with Satya and kavya?..who is behind the drug dealing mafia? how singam sort out the issue? detailed in the screen with jet-speed screenplay…..


  All praise goes to Surya..the man who literally rocks the role of Durai singam..HE roars like a lion in the screen and he is  terrific with his stiff body language, utterring angry punches, deadly action fights, and romance…..it is Surya who proves his versatile in acting..when comes to police..it is more of versatile…even he tried some flooring steps in songs, which is eye candy…Anushka has less scope but looks glamorouous in songs…the engagement saree in a scene.oh!!! looks beautiful..Hansika looks bubbly and more scope than Anuskha is okay..nothing more than one side romance…villans are good, where Danny scores better than Rahman, captian raj, Rajendran….REst of the cast is retained as of in Singham…Santhanam tickles us with funny liners here and there….

   Photography by Priyan is at its best when compared to Original singam..the aeriel view shots of roads and action chases are fantastic..he is one person responsible for the racy factor of the movie....Stunts are rough ..bang in specific the climax fight, the engagement fight and the school fight…speaks a lot ..punches felt by the audience…Anal arasu/kanal kannan needs kudos for the edge of the seat fights, Editing is good could have been better…Hari is know for the screenplay pace and he  redefines  the pace..though the movie run for 3 hrs, no where we feel the boredom….Music goes good with movie…..Screenplay of Hari is major plus for the Singam 2…..


The movie is lengthy ..if editing table could have chopped few songs and scenes…it would have been at the best…Nothing new in terms of story and presentations..but that doesn’t disturb the pace ofthe movie..DSP the music director who gave some foottapping songs in Singam 1 misses big time in terms of songs and BGM…..none stands out.repetitive songs..comedy is good but the stature of Santhanam and vivek ..it should be more …Illogical scenes are more and throughout the movie

1. Even in chennai a school student that too, 10th or +1 would not drive Benz, here Hansika drives and comes in BEnz..ok!!but surya catches the students who drive without licensce, why can’t  on Satya character..

2. A DSP of city, order the home minister to take up the plan and way all the  situations  comes handy is  unbelievable????……not even a single person knows about his undercover duty apart from home minister…and immedietly he takes the charge…it is fast!!but can it happen in real life???

3. Most of the singam handles the enemies alone..but why not even a single baddie take him with sickle of gun…?operation D cancelleation and its proceedings at climax is also illogical..

At last the big mistake is Hari’s commercial compromise..Santhanam & Hansika are talk of kollywood town.new addtions too…new villans, new cast..due to this..Hari has to give improtance to Hansika( added Romance scenes,) Santhanam( few comedy) ,,Anushka has been wasted with few scenes and given two songs, ..Director wants to give more footage for the new ones , where as he lost it in other characters and the brilliance in the screen play..Singam one had intelligent quiotient where it is truly missing..

Though it has flip points, Singam 2 is sure a racy , speed masala -mass flick, where at the end  Surya  saves the sequel with his screen presence…

Verdict:5/10( 1 for Surya, 1 for screenplay, 1 for Photography, 1 for casting and performance, 1 for Stunts/actions)

Movie canvas punch: Singam 2 roars loud but misses the intelligence of Singam 1