wolverine-2-the-wolverine-new-poster (2)The Wolverine which was satisfying franchise installment from the mutant movie x-man where it concentrated on Wolverine alone , this time comes out with samurai jinxed story where his mutant healing power goes for toss, turning slowly into mortal human.Hugh Jackman reprises the role of Wolverine in an amazing shape.

Director: James Mangold
Written By: Christopher McQuarrie, Mark Bomback
Cast: Brian Tee, Famke Janssen, Hugh Jackman, Will Yun Lee


Logan( Hugh Jackman) leads lonely life because of her lover Jean Grey ( Famkee)  Demise. In a dream, Logan saves a army person named Yashida in a atom bomb blast , that destroys the nagasakhi city of japan,,tends to be at world war 1945. After this the movie comes to the present, yashida now a big entrepreneur in Japan is near to the death wants to see his old friend Logan to thank him..Yakuza one of the bodyguard finds logan in the forest and get him to Japan. Logan comes to know that he can be mortal ,if he wishes to give his powers to some one. Yashida wants the power to save Mariko, his grand daughter and his business kingdom,but  that night he dies..

At the death ceremony, some one tries to kill Mariko, and Logan saves but this time, his wounds doesn’t heal..as he is infected by some medicine becaue of the doctor who treated yashida..Now its time for Logan to find why this happens to him? who is behind the Mariko’s attack? what is the mutant doctor doing in yashida Lab ? did he gains back the mutant power or he looses?..


Undoubtfully , Hugh Jackman is all the so called strength of the movie…compared to last installment his tight physique and performance are wonderful..the pain that he goes through loosing the mutant power, conversations, stunts, …more handsome..rough-some looks of Jackman saves the movie to great extentHe had some good movies and bad movies to his list but never lets us down with performance..Casting is good and every one is neat & fine with performance.

Stunts are well executed ..with some daring actions fights.climax one and the ninja capturing shot ..bullet train sequences are nicely shot..VFX is pretty awful as well as editing..the photography takes down the japan’s knook and corner..excelled in action sequences..Music is okay with screenplay shines in certain scenes..


The movie doesn”t have powerful villain to back up the heroic Wolverine….that makes the movie patches and holes ….screenplay and story goes clean but not interesting nor doesn’t looks great or imaginative….Few scenes are illogical and her lover dream is avoidable one….There have been memorable action scenes in first Wolverine movie but none here stays after coming out of theater….

Wolverine will be for the super hero junkies or  strictly for wolverine fans..

Verdict:4/10( 1 for Hugh Jackman, 1 for stunts, 1 for Casting & performance, 1 for photogrpahy)

Movie canvas punch: X-men : Wolverine 2…mild blunt and less sharp.