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Thalaiva the title had value and expectations were skyrocketing after blockbuster Thuppaki and recent Controversies..Thalapathy Vijay joined hands with Director Vijay who is know for his soft movies came out with action movie balancing Mass and class.Does he succeed? or not…

Production: Chandra Prakash Jain, CP Dinesh, CP Sunil
Cast:  Vijay, Sathyaraj,  Amala Paul, Ragini Nandhwani, Santhanam,
Direction: AL Vijay
Score: GV Prakash Kumar
Cinematography: Nirav Shah


1983 Mumbai is where the story starts..Rama durai( Sathyaraj)  aka Anna a Thirunelveli  angry man who  becomes god father for Tamilians in Taravi after killing arch rival…His son Vishwa( Vijay) grows with  Nasser in Australia running a dance troupe named Tamil Pasanga for passion and mineral water company as profession with his Bro(Santhanam)..Vishwa fell in love with Meera( Amala Paul) who is the daughter of Indian businessman(Suresh) who runs a restaurant in Australia. He accepts their love but want to meet his parents in India for engagement and marriage.

Vishwa thinks that his father Rama Durai is business man in Mumbai, and lands Mumbai with Meera and her Father to meet his Dad…Soon after landing, he is been carefully watched and taken to his dad alone…there reveals that His dad is  god father for Taravi people , who protects from Bhima( Abimanyu singh) and dirty politicians…He insist him to come to Australia but he denies .He wants his son Vishwa to lead a peaceful life and so , he comes out of his den to meet Meera  and father in a hotel secretly as he is wanted by Rowdies and Police..He meets them in the hotel with Vishwa and there comes shocking twist and in that Anna dies in bomb blast..The rest is in the hands of Vishwa to decide whether to go back or live for people as do good Samaritan…if we get in detail then it will be spoiler….


It is Illaya thalapathy Vijay who perfectly fits the bill of Dancer and God father role..his transormation from dancer to Don takes time but fantastic..be it romance with Amala paul or action..he succeeds…His acting getting better day by day with toned physique…The bomb blast in the interval scene, first time killing a man with sickle…bro….kalakkal expressions..Dance !!!is always good..with White shirt/blue jeans in the second half..he is damn good..Sathyaraj has little role but the character and his screen presecne is terrific ..He easily outshines Thalapathy in few scenes…Amala Paul looks good in the first half..and better scope after them ..is okay with her own dubbing…Ragini Nandhwani is seen in crisper role but she is gorgeous and beautiful than Amala paul..could have got some more scenes….Rest of the casting are fine..with Suresh, Ponvannan ,Santhanam hogging the limelight…

  Nirav Shah is the hero in technical department…When some body says that Thalaiva is good in making and class..credit to the man..Australia and Mumbai sparkles in different tone...the Thalapathy songs, Australia scenes are eye candy…Screen play in the second half is good.. with editing takes up front seat..Stunts are real by stun Siva..it doesn’t have rope fight but real transformation of young man to Angry man..G.V Yaar inda song looks good with few good BG tracks in some place….Choreography for Vanganna  and Ecstasy theme song stand out…..


The first half except the interval bang is sure sleeper cellThe romance between the lead pair is not crackling….its Dull.… and but it is saved by Santhanam one liners and Vijay’ s charm…. logic-less and the reasons behind the love , new restaurant  opening, bringing Vijay to Mumbai..Does CBI gets down to this extend????Script is not innovative and in specific the second half goes illustrated path till the climax…except one brilliant encounter of Vijay and Abimanyu sing ...Villain is big letdown…

Choreography could have been better, lacks Signature style of Vijay…that to Tamil Pasanga song….except few moves.. congested feel…Editing could have seen the scissors…the movie is lengthy…Screenplay lacks pace though it is good in making….repetitive dialogues makes us restless…Songs in Thalapathy movie is always a plus but utterly fails here..G.V all the songs have the traces of international albums..Tamil Pasanga( MJ I don’t care), Ecstacy theme( The corrs), Vanganna( Adida AVala..Mayakkam Enna), Thalapathy song( Thalapathy movie)…No originality

Finally Director Vijay trademark style is not there nor Thalapathy pattern style followed in the movie..mixing needs careful waving of screenplay…but he succeeds to an extent in this mass/class  mix…..

Verdict :5/10(1 for Vijay, 1 for Sathyaraj &casting, 1 for Nirav shah photography, 1 for Stunts, 1 for Santhanam & movie )making

Movie canvas punch: Thalaiva –you are good not ‘Great'(Nanban punch)