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The Conjuring movie which terrified the box office collection world wide directed by modern master of horror James Wan, director of Saw, Insidious,dead silence. The movie borrows the basic themes from the previous horror movies like The exorcist, Exorcism of Emily rose, Ring, Amity villa,Mama …though it has it own ‘boo’  and scary moments, because of the director treatment which you will have a sleepless night when u watch it in theater or in home alone…guaranteed fear!!!!

Cast: Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Lili Taylor, Ron Livingston
Director: James Wan
Soundtrack: Joseph Bishara, Mark Crozer

Duration: 1 hour 53 minutes
               Based on true story, a demon possessed Annabelle doll tries to possess in one of a girl,  but Ed warren( Patrick Wilson) and his wife Lorraine( Vera Farmiga) the renowned demonology researcher  and  analyst over comes the situation. story shift from 1968 to 1971 Carolyn( Lili Taylor) and Parron( Ron Livingston) the couple moves to  sub urban area…new farm house with five daughters and dog Sadie..happily chatting, enjoying the new atmosphere, these strange things happen..the chilling experience all over the house, bad smell, unexplained bruise in Carolyn, clocks stop at 3.o7midnight, daughter seeing dead people and whispers at the midnight..soon it is unbearable and they approach the demonologic partners Ed and Lorraine for help..
          Lorraine with her supernatural thought comes to know that something dangerous has happened in the house and they promise them that they will get out of this paranormal ..demonic situation.dig the house .but Ed doesn’t want her wife to be part of it has she experience a terrifying bling in one  of their previous encounter….sooner the demon disturbs their house members too ..revealing facts sooner shake the very core of Parron family….why are the demons possess in Parron family? does demons objective attained or Lorraine saves Parron family? revealed in all frills and thrills…..
                It is James wan screen play which is smartly written and brilliantly executed horror flick in the recent decade.It’s the subtle and steady build-up of suspense and psychological tension, coupled with sudden spine-chilling scares and dramatic silences that make you go numb with fear. In specific the audience  felt annoying in the first 30 min with shhshh..and boo sounds, but sooner they started edgy seat and towards the climax it was dead-drop silence. Basement scene with Lili & Lorraine, the boutique scene, hide-seek game,first visit of Lorraine to the house, and last 30 minutes are nerve-wrecking..Thought Wan borrows from many horror classics, it is unique because of new camera angles and the dark-horror execution.
         There are no cheap thrills, no over-the-top sound effects, no annoying camera angle, overindulgence in gore or visual grossness and no aping horror’s cult classic. . Editing by Kirk Morri is tight and no dull or short moment from the start. Background score by Joseph Bishara is spine chilling and fantastic with instruments sounds at right place…the opening and end title card music deserves special mention ..and the climax it is blistering!!!!!….on the performances, every body is excellent though Lilli Taylor cuts a sympathetic figure as a helpless mother, and Vera Farmiga is nothing short of terrific as a woman whose special abilities make her both powerful and vulnerable.Patrick and Ron does good with their role.Make up, the 70’s costumes and special effects are remarkable.Not but last the photography by John Leo nett is haunting throughout the movie…the locations and music evenly supports the it is experimental in many scenes and laudable...


The movie follows the same pattern of horror and demon possessed movies..heavily borrowed from the Exorcist,Mama, The cult classic Omen etc…Based on the true story of Warren in 70’s does the space only at end title card..little more documentation on the true story would have been more terrifying. Nothing great flaws, though it ends in similar fashion but with style….

The Conjuring’  takes all the familiar elements of exorcism based horror movies and puts a deadly new spin on them,well made horror-paranormal movie…. result ..sure to have goosebumps….Easily one of the scariest movie in this decade...strictly watch it in theaters , to experience the fear with digital sound effects .…..

Verdict: 7.5/10( 1 for Vera & Lili Taylor, 1 for casting & performances, 1 for Photography, 1 for background score, 1 for the screenplay, 1 for the direction, 1 for makeup & costumes, .5 for special effects)

Movie canvas Punch:   The Conjuring…..dark& menacing, haunting, scary….genuinely horrifying