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Enough publicity and promotions….A.R Murugadass productions, Nayanthara comeback movie with Atlee, the director from shankar house made a huge impact and expectation soaring to new heights with teasers …Raja Rani is not a feather in the hat but a soft-good movie.

Cast: Arya, Jai, Manobala, Nayanthara, Nazriya Nazim, Santhanam, Sathyan, Sathyaraj
Direction: Atlee Kumar
Screenplay: Atlee Kumar
Story: Atlee Kumar
Background score: G. V. Prakash Kumar
Cinematography: George. C. Williams
Dialogues: Atlee Kumar


John( Arya) and Regina(Nayanthara) both get married just for dad and parents wish respectively, but they both don’t…not interested in them..After few incidents, Regina suffers a seizure, and gets admitted in the hospital. Feeling pity for her, John ask about the attack, she goes to the flash back…Regina an MBA student is in deep love with Surya (Jai) who works in customer care for Air voice …His innocence and his attitude catches Regina after few  scenes poking Surya in customer care support..Regina dad( Satyaraj) who is modern  father and friendly attitude towards her daughter accepts the marriage but not in Surya’s house..They both decide to go for Register marriage but Surya flies to US on the same day for new job withour informing Regina…with this scenario, her dad too gets cardiac arrest, and new comes from surya friend that he suicide in the camp…John pities her and wants to be a supportive husband….but Regina doesn’t want his sympathy but to get out of him and fly to new job in Australia….

John’s Friend Sarathy( Santhanam) comes to John-regina home in drunken stage and shouts at Regina what do you know about him ?…get John’s Flash back…John is happy go luck guy with his friends meet Keerthana( Nazria Naasim) in a customer home on the way for cheque collection..He falls in love with her…roams behind her to get her attention…..slowly they both come and fall in love… keerthana is orphan,  who lives in uncle and aunty home ..works in company & doesn’t seen her mother or father ..her child hood went without love and like’s….John though christian marries her in temple without knowing to the family..but fate plays it part in the next day..as John looses  Her lovely wife in accident in front of his eyes…listening to him  and sad story of John Regina is badly hurt with her ego and wants to start a new life with John..with few misunderstanding, did John-Regina got united or separated  told in wholesome fun and loving way…


It is the decent entertainment with some fun and family values works the movie to great extent..Decent Family Rom-com movie..by Atlee deserves flowers…The screenplay is neat with simple story, good dialogues, great performance from the lead cast and witty one-liners/humor makes the movie a delightPhotography by George is fantastic where the movie stands out with richness,clarity and grandeur…the songs and beginning scenes are examples..Background score  from G.v praksah is quite good with instruments sounds better at right place…technically the effects, camera angles, the makeup, sets, locations are fabulous…Witty one liners and the panache dialogues takes the front seat in the movie…”Made for Each other vaalthu kaatradhula thaan iruku”, kalyanathukku munnadi kudicha love failure , kalyanathukku appuram kudicha lifeee failure…good ones

  Nayanthara come back is like the movie title…Rani..she is the queen with some queen like performances …her chemistry with Satyaraj is admirable…darling, darling…when jai cheats her, death news and falls sick, frustration towards Arya ….are well with the lady…she is performer...Nazria is treat to watch …she looks beautiful with her big eyes talks a lot…charming and innocence of her brings pity …she easily essayed her role with aplomb..Jai is good with scare-love role where, Arya under played his role ,…He is better in the movie in terms of emoting and delivery…but the show stealer is Santhanam..who effortlessly carries the second half of the movie…..Satyaraj in her modern father role ..proved his versatile….new one..Satyan, and other fit the bill..


The love between the lead pairs doesn’t attached to the audience, it just passes our mind..but could not make an impact or connection to our real life….the first twenty min ( title exception) of the movie is utterly boring with a song and scenes irritates us...instead Atlee could have added few more scenes with Jai and Nayanthara..which would have been more naive for the love…the second one is also good but lacks some element in Arya -Nazriya…..the climax in the airport scenes are unwanted,  extended just for the curiosity….once both love story come to halt…Atlee must be in confusion how to give an end…lot of love movie ends in airport..proposing their love /marriageThe songs are bad and none are Hummable.…Harris or Rahman could have done the magic in this Rom-com…if songs are good, the movie would have had an extra mileage…length of the movie ..is drawback….

over all Raja rani is nothing different, but he simple story, and youthful treatment by Atlee is worth mention

Verdict:6/10( 1 for Arya& nayanthara, 1 for Nazriya, jai & Satyaraj, , 1 for photography, 1 for comedy, 1 for decent & feel good value, 1 for dialogues and emotion)

Movie canvas punch: Raja Rani…..Breezy, feel good Rom-com...