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Ramayya vasthavayya..Junior NTR movie after stupendous Baadshah and Hari shankar , director after Gabbar singh joined ..but cannot recreate the magic..Same old revenge story….with the interval twist and lovely village belle ..Prajaa flashback…with running time of nearly 3 hrs..tedious…yapppaaa!!!

Banner: Sri Venkateswara Creations
Cast: NTR, Smantha, Shruti Hassan, Brahmanandam, Rao Ramesh, P. Ravi Shankar, Paruchuri Prasad
Direction: Harish Shankar
Production: Dil Raju
Music: SS Thaman


Movie starts in coorg, where couple of people try to kill Mukesh rishi…then shifts to Hyderabad…we meet..Ram Alias Nandu (Junior NTR)  a college student(???) sits in canteen with notebook and plays role in drama!!!! is daredevil guy who is always against bad things, lives with his friends , falls in love with Akarsha(Samantha)…..gets friendly with their families and gains sympathy from fine day, he is invited for Akarsha family marriage who is none other the daughter of Mukesh Rishi…in the interval bang ..there comes the tiwst of Mukesh death….Nandhu is the culprit

Why Mukesh is killed by Nandhu ? why he entered into his house by loving Samantha? did any body left for the revenge? opens in tedious way and tiresome….


* Only saving grace is Junior NTR charismatic performance...tried and succeeded fully in comedy this time, with electrifying stunts , punches and dances like darling..

* First half is okay..

* Samantha is beautiful and glamorous in songs….

* Photography is good at songs and stunts

* Stunts and few songs

* Dance Choreography


* Story and illogical/routine script of revenge drama…

* Shruthi is wasted in silly role

* The second half test your patience..climax with big axe and whole people says ” Chempesta Ramu!!!Chempestha!!!!.. devudaaaa!!!!

* Nothing original in the screenplay or scenes….simply fights(7) and songs(7) intervene the story. Reminds the latest movie Iddaramayyathalo..that in Spain, this in Hyderabad& Amalapuram...lot of movie scenes lifted and patched….

* Violence and too many songs & fights

…overall movie can be watched once if you like Junior NTR and Samantha..

Verdict: 3.5/10( 1 forJunior NTR, 1 for Samantha, 1 for photography and .5 for stunts)_

Movie canvas punch: Ramayaa ….. Ravoothhuuuuu!!!!