Aarambam movie release poster TAMILTVCINEMA aarambam-audio-launch-english-poster_137940737010     It was one plus year wait for Thala AJith fans…and after Billa 2 mediocre success..Aarambam had everything to rejoice..teaser,songs, Thala looks,Nayan comeback, Vishnu-thala-yuvan combo…has it gone over the wind or its dust??

Production: A Raghuram, AM Rathnam
Cast: Ajith Kumar, Arya, Nayanthara, Taapsee Pannu
Direction: Vishnuvardhan
Background score: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography: Om Prakash


Begins with bang, where Ashok( Ajith) place bomb in three important places in Mumbai and gives dead line to Mumbai police…but it goes of..then story takes of in Chennai..where Maya( Nayanthara) meets his old school friend Arjun( Arya) in the Airport..sharing their memories…where Arjun goes for interview with Maya in same flight..even shares his love story with Anita( Tapsee)….Soon Ashok kidnaps Arjun…threatens him ..that he kill her ladylove…Basically Arjun is Hacker

Ashok with Help of Maya and Arjun hacks a TV channel and makes a loss of 300 cr..for the channel…even he kills a auditor, and few other person with Arjun.. Union minister( Mahesh Manjrekar) also has some connection to the murder and Ashok…Bomb blast and murder is investigated honest police officer(Kishore)…..Arjun angered by destruction caused by Ashok…using his brilliance he informs Police officer..Ashok gets arrested…..soon Maya comes to the rescue and reveals who Ashok was? why did he is on killing spree? and what was the scam or revenge involved in his life to Arjun…Listening to the story, pitied by it..Arjun sets thing right with help of Asokh and Maya…


  Thala charm, his stunning personality and his terrific screen presence carry of this Half baked Ashok character too a star material..he risk himself in stunts..Dubai boat chase, the jump to car, the pre- interval fights are bang...he is stylish & toned...Nayanthara is sweet ..glamorous in some costumes ..good performance too..Arya and Tapsee fits the bill..while Mahesh and Kishore does excel in the acting department….

First half is very fast paced loaded with some action & excitement...as audience keep guessing whats going on….the stunts by Lee Whitaker, Kecha are great…Omprakash is the next star..be it the dusty , sunny Mumbai..or glossy Mumbai or Dubai…stunts or songs.photography is biggest highlight of the movie..Background score raises the tempo..couple of songs..Title song, En fuse, Mella are foot tapping..though fails in screen….editing by legend Sreekar is asset for the movie..he is the man who made this movie slick and stylish….direction is fine with few dialogues gain momentum….


From the start..forget the logic…it is unbelievable and illogical in many scenesTitle song Aarambam doesn’t find place ..it is odd...how does Ajith comes alive after pushing in water?Rana-Ajith friendship is not heart touching…no body know about Ajith is honest police officer, member of bomb squad, as he risked his life and lost a friend..don’t even the police men know about his file??is that easy to steal or hack amt in highly secured bank with some few ideas? childish.…..

More over Ajith Characterization is weak..is he police officer, anti-terrorist officer, member of bomb squad????if he is honest officer, why does he keeps bomb, kills few policemen,constables for his personal revenge???Arya is hacker but the scenes doesn’t justify hacking in detail…even he shoots with perfection….the climax is lifted from The dark knight2, few scenes are from Hollywood movies like MI4, bourne series…etc..Nothing original or new ..though subject deals with hacking & Bombay attack….songs could have pictured better….

Still ..Aarambam is stylish, slick action movie…forget the logic..it is all Thala magic...

Verdict: 5/10( 1 for Thala, 1 for Nayanthara& first half, 1 for Om Praksah DOP, 1 for Sreekar’s editing, 1 for Stunts)

Movie canvas Punch: Aarambam……style with little substance…