Karthi-Santhanam- Rajesh…the combo seems to get us complete jolly fun family ride in AAA…as Rajesh gave hat trick comedy movies…but ..time has come to halt by seeing this movie

Production: KE Gnanavel Raja, Studio Green
Cast: Kajal Aggarwal, Karthi, Santhanam
Direction: M Rajesh
Background score: S Thaman
Cinematography: Sakthi Saravanan


Raja( Karthi) the only son of Prabhu-Saranya has life time ambition of making his local All in all Channel to success..till then he postpnes all his marriage plans, which was arranged by parents…With Kaali( Santhanm) he runs the local channel….but all of the sudden..he meets Chitra Devi Priya(Kajal Agarwal) falls in love but hates her adamant character…that she is gonna achive great place in entertainment industy without any talent  & knowledge….But Priya love him for his honesty and outspoken nature where every body else are Jaalras!!!

Soon both of them love ..Raja parents are happy for his love and even they travel to meet bride parents…but all of the sudden Raja’s father refuses ..not any more interested for this specific that girl after her family details revealed by Raja…Why did he refuse? what is the flashback of both the families? did Raja and Priya gets united or not? who is the culprit for the family vengeance? tiresome….


Karthi screen presence and his modulation & timing are good specific the 80’s retro scenesKajal Agarwal is beautiful….good in songs….Kajal is simply fantastic in the scene which involves Kajal and M.S bhaskar …..will sure bring the roof down for 10 min at least…this dance teaching scene between Bhaskar and Kajal are rib-tickling..and one more scene between Kajal-Karthi-Kajal Dad….is also good..Santhanam evokes few laughter with his trade mark smiles and Oh!!Oh!!nannaa …other have given some decent performance…standing out M.S Baskar, Kajal dad,Prabhu & Radhika Apte is  apt….etc

Thaman couple of songs are foot-tapping..”unna Parthe” & ” en Chellam” are good to listen…Photography is okay..few scenes are fun category…..80’s retro scenes are plus.


Most of scenes..audience keep watching without a smile..but the characters in the screen alone laugh...Rajesh- Santhanam combo miserably fails to tickle the audience….Rajesh natural and funny liners….needs to be searched….most of the time movie test our patience…silly comedy—-humor less -unhealthy comedy..dished out in the  name of fun…because no solid story or new characters or situations or scenes.…….it is like story is bits and pieces which comes in between mokkai comedy…Kareena chopra idea back fires….

Story & direction is dead weak …..every body acted like they were going for holiday trip…the scope is very less for actors….first half is big bore…Santhanam gets routine some times….Scenes jump from one to another which doesn’t attach to audience or even the story……

AAA….is sure let down from Rajesh-Santhanam..when compared to his SMS,Boss, OKOk…no where near to the movie…even he comes out clean …(no cigar or Taasmac)

Verdict:3/10(1 for Karthi, Kajal & santhanam, 1 for Kajal & Baskar scene  and few funny moments, 1 for Thaman songs)

Movie canvas Punch: beauty king-dirty king……