Dhoom franchise gets hotter whenever it is announced and the first one was sleeper in 3 it is Mr Perfectionist Aamir joins the board…and screen play writer Vijay Acharya gets in to direction..what’s up with the movie

Direction: Vijay Krishna AcharyaActors: Aamir Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Uday Chopra, Katrina Kaif


Is it there???…Opens in Chicago 1990..where Great Indian circus run by Jackie also magician gets in trouble as could not pay loans..he commits suicide before his child Zakhir(Aamir Khan) uttering the last dialogues….then comes today….Zakhir loots the Bank of Chicago 2 times …he starts again the The great Circus..and Katrina joins the acrobatic show….Indian Police officers Dixit and Ali (Abhishek and Uday) comes to Chicago to solve the bank robbery..and they get closer….by then here comes the surprise in the Interval….

The rest is cat and mouse game & the emotional trap of Police officer to bring down the Bank thief…which runs down to dumb sense  climax…


* Technically one of the best action film till date in India

* Photography of the movie is knowingly the best asset…in specific it is crystal clear, sharp..and awesome eagle eye shots and roads of Chicago are mind blowing….Stunning visuals

*  Stunts choreography is sure to get the word Panache..executed in style and hard work paid in the screen…innovative and blasting..(look out for Opening and interval before …superb!!!)

* Aamir though let down by inept screenplay..he lights the movie by his screen presence ….his performance is also laudable in couple of scenes..Tap dance…few stunts by him ….proves his versatile

* Katrina looks beautiful and the acrobatic dance no is simply wow!!!.Uday is stress buster with comic liners..Abhishek is as usual..

* Music and songs are fine..


* Logic …needs a Logic..and you search can’t see anywhere…Because the bank loan has not bank revenge good???.where other hard earned money also gets looted…honesty/loyalty on the character of Aamir goes for toss in the opening scene….the bank robbery scenes are childish…not detailed or justified..One scene..Abhishek explains to Chicago police that thief is Indian as he written his clue words in Hindi..(Yappa Mudiyala..) Is that Mokkai!!!Chicago police????

* Stunts..bikes…even emotion gets overdose….action scenes need a bit story for the sequence..but simply they chase ..fight, fly…not backed by good reason…..

*  Weak characterization of Abhishek, Katrina..wasted…Please don’t opt this kinda role..(she is the main plot of 2nd half..but awry more importance to Aamir spoils the plot)…Even Aamir character ..deeds..good or bad….

* Screenplay is big letdown..just the chases, the tall buildings,  acrobatic stunts, grand visuals doesn’t define the content….one word week..we don’t get the feel when we are out of theater..Dejavu….

* Aamir gets intro fight, Uday ..abhishek get intro fight, kat a song…story comes all late by this kinda…no-need scenes....

Dhoom 3 Every thing is there…fantastic action scenes, colorful songs, Great show of Aamir, Bright Visuals, VFX and not to forget hard work of Crew..but story less, inept screenplay makes this movie just for time passers..that tooo..Illogical time pass.

Verdict:4/10( 1 for Aamir, 1 for Stunts, 1 for Photography & visuals and 1 for grandeur)

Movie canvas punch: Dhoom 3…content-less style.