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After string of flops Karthi badly needs a hit atleast…Venkat prabhu after block buster Mankatha joined hands with Karthi …They both got saved by this mild but fun entertainer…good diet..



Production: K. E. Gnanavel Raja
Cast: Hansika, Karthi, Mandy Takhar, Premgi Amaren, Ramki
Direction: Venkat Prabhu
Screenplay: Venkat Prabhu
Story: Venkat Prabhu
Music director: Yuvan Shankar Raja



Sugan( Karthi) and Parasu (Premji) are childhood friends. They both work in factory company..where Sugan has Lover Priyanka( Hansika)..but lot of girls fall for his flattery & charm..but Sugan is very much attached to her sister…They both go for new showroom opening in Ambur where it  inaugurated by great businessman Varadharaja mudaliar( Nasser) with his son-in-law Vijay Krishna(Ramki)…after partying at night..Both Sugan and Parasu goes back to Chennai..but Sugan is adamant to have a plate biryani as he has habit of having it after the drink..

They stop, in biryani shop, meets a sexy Maya(Mandy Thakkar).they give lift to the hotel as her car broke down..but alas she invites them for a small party in the room..both Sugan & parasu gets drunk….sing…and sleep..when they wake up…police arrest them as Varadharaja is missing, as last seen with them…they escape feeling its a trap, and find, his dead body in their car..shocked…every member related to Sugan are  threatened  but who is the culprit???comes out with bang at the climax…


Karthi carries of the playboy role with panache..and his expressions when premji gets embarassed are sure treat..he is energetic in movie…..good in stunts and emotions too…hansika is bubbly in her crisp role…whereas Premji comes throughout movie..and has played his part beautifully…underplayed with oneliners….he adds pep to the humour…It is Mandy Thakhar as Maya steals the screen with her oomph!!! factor…She is hottest!!!!!!!!! Mirchi of the biryani.… seductive in  Mississippi  song…Casting is big  and all others find place in movie..Be it Nasser, Sampath, Ramki..returns with style, ..nithin satya, Subbu, Madhumitha, Uma…every body scores…

Technically , the photography is  brilliant  with its color tone  reflects  the  masala  dietbackground score of the movie is highlight.…where yuvan fails utterly in songs…The two or three stunts are terrific with a chase..kudos to the fighters and stunt choreographer...story begins only at the time of interval..but Venkat prabhu needs pat on his back , as he ensures pace in first half with romance & comedy..and better pace in second half with a suspense thriller scripts….Screenplay ensures pace with some funny one liners & adult comedy’s too(Couple of ladies giggled at the theatre for those jokes……!!!!!)Editing is good and songs are picturised better ..each one is different style…


The movie forgets the logic at most of come no one has seen Karthi carrying Nasser in the resort to the car in the night????why is the character of Uma Riyaz..inserted in the movie???ensures pace but????Climax is okay but was like beating around the bush!!!!... adult comedy and  glamor  can keep away family…Songs for Yuvan 100th movie milestone is pretty bad as none of the song, stays in our mind...What  H append  to Yuvan???…

Overall , Biryani has romance, Comedy, glamour, suspense, action, adult jokes…all cooked well and served

Verdict: 5.5/10( 1 for Karthi & Premgi, 1 for casting & performance, 1 for Photography, 1 for Stunts, 1 for second half., and .5 for Mandy  glamor)

Movie canvas punch: Biryani…spicy , tasty ….cooked & served  good