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After the average flick Thalaiva..Thalapathy this time comes out with commercial masala..that too Lalettan joining the band wagon….songs and teasers created stir..did the movie?Super good films-Vijay only deliverd blockbusters in past..what is present status?

Production: R. B. Choudary
Cast: Kajal Aggarwal, Mahat, Mohan Lal, Soori, Vijay
Direction: RT Neason
Screenplay: RT Neason
Story: RT Neason
Music director: D. Imman


Sivan( Mohan Lal) is dreaded don in Madurai lives with Adopted son Shakthi(Vijay) … family compromising sister( Nivetha), Brother(Mahat) and Mother( Poornima)..Shakthi stands in all activities done by Sivan as he hates police….Why is the flashback??..but unfortunately, He falls in love with Police officer(Kajal)…Shakthi is very much attached to his father , as he goes any extent to keep him happy

Sivan patience is tested by honest police officer( Pradeep Rawat) …to show the power of Criminal Sivan makes Shakthi as Police officer….as he want him to stand at his bad deeds…Alas!!!! An incident makes Shakthi a honest police officer, turns against his father Sivan…Challenges to turn him a good man by dropping all those illegal activities…Did Sivan change? does Shakthi achieves his objective? is sivan good or bad guy? if so who is behind the bad activities forms the movie…..


The Man of Masses..Delivers his usual ..casual performance ..looks energetic in stunts, emotions, …does Full justice to cool attitude performance with his trade mark dance in couple of songs…..His scenes with Mohanlal are terrific . Vijay-Kajal -Suri scenes are fine.…and there chemistry is good…Mohan Lal is legend and this role of little grey shade is cake walk for him..the scenes when he feels the heat from Vijay…stranded in between the son love …Lalettan..kalakkalllll..Kajal looks Glamorous & spicy in the songs..Suri add pep with his timing comedy..Big cast and lot of people in the movie…Poornima, Mahat, Nivetha, Pradep , R.K, Sampath did Justice to the movie….

Imman is the show stopper of the show..” Kandangi” , ” Yeppo Mama”, ” Verasa”..are foot tapping..and looks good in the screen tooo. Bgm is also good.. Photography is just okay …Stunts by Silva are bang,,and he is the backbone of this action-drama movie…6 stunts…all are fantastic…Few scenes create excitement…


Blame Director for unimaginative screenplay..all 80’s stuffed...illogical..Vijay sudden turn into a honest police officer by seeing bomb blast ellammm..flower in ears!!!!!didn’t he know about pain of people before…

Scenes lack continuity..Lot of scenes, characters pop in the middle and vanishes with short time..is biggest drawback...just to push the movie lot of unwanted sequences drags a big time….Pharmacy scene, Training of NCC( Just for songs Kandangi!!!! wrong placement), few scenes take place because to bring song in the screen, R.K scenes with sister marriage….

Terrific cast wasted, R.T Nesan has dished out a mindless masala with no new or racy scene ..Editing should have been done better.. length time is 2 hrs 55 min…

Overall, Jilla is saved by Vijay- kajal-Mohanlal-Imman_ stunts…with inept script take front seat  ..kindly come with sensible masala entertainers instead of  formula movies….Thalapathy

Verdict:4.5/10(1 for Vijay, 1 for Mohanlal, .5 for Kajal Glamour, 1 for Imman, 1 for stunts)

Movie canvas Punch: Jilla…..Masala enter..(s)tainer