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Exactly one year after super hit Sitamma..movie prince comes out with Edgy psycological thriller with director Sukumar famous for love story…

Banners: EROS International, 14 Reels Entertainment

Cast: Mahesh Babu, Kriti Sanon, Kelly Dorjee, Nasser, Posani, Sayaji Shinde, Pradeep Rawat, Srinivas Reddy, Gautham Krishna and others

Music: Devi Sri Prasad

Cinematographer: Ratnavelu

Director: Sukumar


Gautham( Mahesh babu) is a  rock star  who suffers from mental disorder and  getting  nightmare like three persons murdered his parents at childhood. He forgets the past and difficult to know his parents identity. With the help of Doctor & Samira(Krithi Sanon) a journalist it comes to know that it is all a  hallucination  and nothing happened in his life as there are no such persons…

To avoid trouble Gautham goes to Goa for relaxing, where Samira too  follows  him for an interesting article. Gautham says about the dream and it is real, where Samira doesn’t believe him..sooner an incident happens to kill Samira but saved by Gautham..slowly She trust him, and no sooner..Gautham sees a man in Goa whom he dream off…He kills  unknowingly…who are person came to kill Samira? are the three persons real or just revenge story set by Gautham? if so, why did they kill their parents? and for what? unfolds in the most  stylish  pattern..which is never seen in  Telugu  flicks for decades…..


# It is none but Our Prince.as the title says..he is the okkadu who shoulders the whole movie in his charisma… bouquet  for Prince to chose this unique subject  which  is untouched in  Telugu  flick..he dances like darling in this movie…costumes.. stunts …Mahesh deserves to be no 1 with right  emotions  pitched in right place…Prince.na MAaasssss…..

# Kriti sanan is good for debut movie..skin show in Goa is glamorous..Nasser rocks as usual…

# Each and every frame…shot 1 to shot end it is Rathnavelu, the  photographer  rule this movie...be it Ireland lush farms, London streets or chases, Goa shots, the  initial  song and  forthcoming  shots are  nothing  short of Awesome…..

# Stunts are at class standards..be it the goa boat chase, London street fight, parking no..are  choreographed  with at most care and delivers knock out….

# DSP  background  score brings more intensity to the story, he does it in abnormal style from previous movies…

# Locations and costumes are grand….

# Dance  choreography  for prince movie is good…with some gentle moves..” you are love” song is treat….Sophie  hot item song is asset…

# screenplay is taut and makes us keep guessing & changing all time..in specific the 2nd half…. interesting  scenes few raises bar….

# kudos to Sukumar & team for coming out of formula masala style and giving a  stylish  thriller flick…


— Script and few scenes are complex for the common man to enjoy the movie…

— Masala elements..such as comedy, family bonding, punch lines which sets the tempo of Telugu flick is missing..and so it may take some time to settle with box office

— DSp songs could have been better though couple of songs are good..

Movie length is sure a drawback….

Over all, Nenokkadine is daring different attempt from the regular Telugu  milieu  films and for that Prince , Sukumar should be lauded for the effort…Those who love different  Psycho  thriller…don’t miss

Verdict: 7/10( 1 for Mahesh babu, 1 for DOP, 1 for Stunts, 1 for BGM, 1 for Grandeur & rich locations, 1 for story &  1 for screenplay)

Movie canvas Punch: Nenokkadine…daring..deserved to be No 1