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After Thoofan disaster..Ram charan-dil raju-Vamsi Padipilli..have been in the news for long time..as the movie completed before 1 year and waited /announced release date several times..but could not make it to theatres…but this sankrathi..Dil  raju made the  release..and movie to got the result….



Sathya( Allu Arjun) loves Deepthi(Kajal Agarwal) but Deepthi is loved by a don too..So they escape but unfortunately got in the hands of Don gang…and killed..burnt in the Volvo bus….When the rescue team comes, they see Sathya still breathes..take them to Hospital…but his half face is burnt completely…..the Doctor, takes up the challenging surgery..after 10 months Sathya ( Ram Charan)comes alive with another face..( facial surgery)..

Sathya  disappears  without informing doctor to avenge the death of her lover with his new face..meets Brahmi and priya( Amy jackson)..with the help of them he kills all of them by his intelligence…after the revenge he travels in a bike of relax mood..but some body.say some gang tries to kill him again…Who is the gang? why do they want to Kill Satya? Satya gets confused and to know the truth..he meets her the Doctor..there comes the bang flashback….Too much story will spoil the watch…so enjoy this cracker entertainer in screen….


* It is Vamsi Enthralling Screenplay and stylish direction with surprise twist and turns…and deft handling of the story and the characterization of Ram Charan & Allu Arjun ..makes this movie ticking …fabulous masala entertainer with right ingredients

* Ram charan has improved  a lot in terms depicting Angry man’s body language with utter perfection…he is dashing in action scenes…dance like wind….burst out better in punch deliveries…

*  Glamor  ( Amy Jackson bikini song, Shruti songs) in songs and colorful locations

* Stunts are solid with some heroism delivers at style

* DSP songs and Bgm sets this Yevadu in right path

* Photography is quite catchy in songs..stunts..and few shots..

* Racy scenes, with some applause sequences are the biggest strengths of this movie..

* casting is perfect…Sai kumar performance is rocking with Allu Arjun & Kajal cameo is sure blast...


— Movie runs for 3  hrs nearly..though its not sore point..it is concern..

Shruthi is wasted in  dumb role..even Amy gets more footage...

— Old story of Revenge… blood/leader saaga…

Still..Yevadu..is cracker of  Entertainment  with Vamsi…terrific screenplay and Ram charan, Allu Arjun  characterization  rocks….Long wait..gets the desired result

Verdict:6.5/10( 1 for screenplay, 1 for 1st half, 1 for Ram charan, 1 for Action, 1 for DSP music, 1 for photography and .5 Allu & Kajal cameo)

Movie canvas Punch: Yevadu….grab ticket and feel the mass.