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After 8 years 300 movie comes now with 300 Rise of Empire….in 2006 it was trend setting movie which Zack Snyder captured the attention of Audience for his creativity & use of cutting edge technology..what new does this movie offer…

Cast – Sullivan Stapleton, Eva Green, Lena Headey, Hans Matheson, Rodrigo Santoro

Director – Noam Murro


The story starts with bang where the first one ended ….300 Spartans lead by Leonadas were killed by the Persian led Semi-god Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro)army who wants to capture the world……Movie goes back a little where Themistokles( Sulliavan) a Greek commander kills the king of Persian led army but left his son…The son then turns into a semi-god with help and words of Artemisia( Eva green)….destroys every kingdom…by making his army even bigger…now eyes revenge

Themistokles who cares about people want the support of all the Greek countries..unity …but spartan doesn’t accept to give their fleets..as they fight alone against Xerxes…Now Artemesia ,the commander of Naval army Persia takes 1000 of ships with her to attack the Greek small naval fleet..She has vengeance against Greeks has by birth born as a Greek but tortured , raped &slaved at her childhood by Greeks , saved by Persian…Xerxes attack 300 spartan, where Artemisia attacks the seas of Greeks..but fails mostly because of the great commander Themistokels…She even gets a offer to him to join his army cunningly..( kinky sex)..but he doesn’t ..then her violent attacks  bring their army down… only way is to get the help of Sparta to stand against Artemisia …does Spartan join the war? Did Artemisia dusted or captures? is the rest…


  Spectacular Zack Style..brand of visuals make the movie tick..the slow motion in the war, the lighting stunts are just amazing….The VFX is at its best, and makes the movie Grand in all departments…Cinematography is fantastic, which travels rapid at the sea shots and stunts…the action scenes & it choreography are deadly( the opening one & the climax)..which are well shot & executed with Panache...Editing does fine tuned, as this movie focus more on story , events than the first one ,which is just war and blood shed…..Music plays it part and turns out well at the war before scenes…

The best of the movie is Eva green as cunning, Ruthless, villainous  Persian naval commander Artemisia is mesmerizing,…though she is new addition & her character is absurd..She utterly dominates the movie whenever she is in screen..Her looks, walk,  and courageous fights and some scintillating scenes( kisses the Hacked head, rough sex, the **** punches ) are just possible because of her…She is certainly the star of  the movie.Lena Heady shines in the less minute role but her voice over thorough out  the movie backs her .…Sulliavan is fine but Gerard butler shoes are not filled…..hardly other register in movie..Zack this time comes out of director seat, and Murro takes it..


Movie lacks fun & creativity aspects..like the previous one also said about son father relationship….similar dialogues uttered in war field…The stunts are just in ships…lot of sea…and blood….could have been more interesting..

The more focus on story and fumbling of back story for Xerxes & Artemisia could have been crisper...n more could have been on war strategy and presentation….3D is jarring as most scenes shot in night effect....IMax or better mall theaters could give a good view….direction and cast performance is very average…

300 Rise of Empire will be sure lapped up by the fans & action buffs….

Verdict:5.5/10( 1 for VFX,1 for photography, 1 for action scenes, 1 for visuals& music, .5 for Editing, & 1  for Eva Green)

Movie canvas punch: 300 Rise of Empire ….history in style..