Balakrishna-Legend-2014-Telugu-Movie-Release-Date-New-Posters-1_14c992 BalaKrishna-in-Legend Legend New Poster

        Balakrishna undoubtedly the mass actor of tollywood, struggled a bit after Simha…then happened Legend with Simha director again.Boyapathi seenu and balayaa ensures that all ingredients are cooked well to give a delicious meal..masala &spicy meal..this time with Legend….

Cast: Balakrishna , Jagapathi Babu , Sonal Chauhan , Radhika Apte and others

Directed by : Boyapati Srinu

Produced by : Ram, Gopi, Anil

Banner :Varahi Chalana Chitram, 14 Reels Entertainment

Music by : Devi Sri Prasad


       bang intro of Jithendar(Jagapathi babu) as villain…is put up in Jail by the village leader (Suman) .. his father takes revenge on Suman and his wife .and so son Jayadev goes to London for his her grandma doesn’t want him to do seva for people stay away from Jithendar eyes…Then movie shift from Vizag to dubai..where Krishna( BalaKrishna) does his business …he falls in love with Sneha( Sonal Chauhan)..with his guru and Sneha he comes to India..but alas..he beats to death of Jithendar men….

    Sooner, her grandma fix up the marriage that his grandson wants to leave in peace ..and prays to god that he should not be seen by jithendar man….but sooner, The men admitted in the hospital beaten by Krishna is dead..and Jithendar is serious about who is he???/hunts down the whole city..comes to know by a tip of  a police officer …shoots Krishna in front of Family..and orders their men to kill each and every one..moves out from the place….Here comes the bang interval where god-like person for Vizag people Jeyadev( Balakrishna) double role..enters in style..kill all…then comes flash back..why did jeyadev hide from family? or stayed away from them? did he face his rival Jithendar? what is climax is all revealed in style with lots of action and emotion on cards…..


* No doubt it is Balayaa...Though As Krishna..he plays a little is Jeya dev  the legend character was just a roar…walks, utter punches, kicks& fights, emotes..expresses like Lion..he excels in the Jeay dev character with some sugar coated family drama…& its emotion…the death  of Radhika & the forthcoming versatile.…Dances like darling in this age….is sure to be applauded..challenges the youth…fights & punches are twin bro’s of him..he doesn’t cheat us…Fans will rejoice his best performance….one of the best for Balayaa!!!!

* Sonal chauhan looks beautiful and ultra glamorous in songs ..even in the scenes...her intro with Bikini is feast..she does her duty …and Radhika Apte is just opposite..homely..she does match performance with legends…good acting

* Not to miss the man who made Balayaa Legend..Jagapathi Babu is sure USP of the movie..his first villain role in career..he outsmarts even Balayaa in some scenes..his base voice, body language and eyes suits the rough/tough villain in recent times for tollywood…

* Photography plays its role…be it vizag or dubai…the DOP is big asset..specific the fights and chases, songs are vital for mass movie...Photography is at top form in all these areas….

* Legend title songs is mass..DSP though misses in the song..he scores double century in the Background score…best support for the lion..

* Stunts(8 or 9)could have been overdose..but due to Balayaa charisma& gels well with movie..the stunts are just deadly..the interval, the opening and train station fights are sure deadly....

* Dialogues are ferocious.…”Flutu Jnka munthu oothu..simham munthu kathu”..” same blood, same poweru”..Even god must come from the women womb”..Penning this dialogues for will be sure lapped by hard core fans..even the common man…

* direction is pretty good..Boyapthi exceeds the expectations..smartly packaged with family drama, action and politics…kudos!!!!

* dance choreography is at its best..made the legend sweat...


* Lot of characters left half way to give space for Jayadev….Sonal, kalyani,Brahmi, Even Balayaa Krishna role..left without good finish..

* Similar line of Simha..old wine in new bottle...the same old story and style of making may hamper the movie enjoyment ..only few places..

* few emotion scenes are unwanted..and songs could have been Better

* Blood shed and violence just exceeds alarm level..Brahmi comedy could have been more hilarious...

But …Go watch..Balayaaa will not let the fans & hardcore masala buffs with his flying stunts, rhythmic moves, roaring punches..with some emotions..Legend is …legend

Verdict:5.5/10( 1 for Balayaa, 1 for Jagapathi , .5 for Sonal glamour& Radhika, 1 for stunts, 1 for Photography& BGM, 1 for screenplay)

Movie canvas punch: Legend …Festival for fan: good for common audience