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Bryan singer comes back directing X men series..with lot of A-list actor crowded with some mind boggling entertainment out there in the screen in the X men: days of  future continuing the momentum where it left.

Cast: Hugh Jackman, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Halle Berry, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Peter Dinklage, Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart
Director: Bryan Singer


Movie begins with the present(after x men the last stand) where the mutants gather in one place with professor Xavier and Eric hiding from the big enemy /powered giant machine Sentinels with mutant DNA hunting down all the mutants …Humans are against Mutants..but they are not against people…with the few left…Professor X wants to alter the past by stopping Mystique(Jennifer Lawrence) killing Trask, who started the sentinel project around 1973..

Professor sends Wolverine(Hugh Jackmen) to 1973 to convince the young Prof Xavier(Mc Avoy) and Eric(Fassbender) who have been enemies because of the attitude in the past..but friends in present..Wolverine lands in past(movie jumps to end of X men first class!!!)..meets prof X and beast..tells that he comes from future sent by him and the plan to save mutant in future from Sentinels and Trask..by making Mystique not killing Trask ..so the humans will trust mutants and Sentinels project will be dumped…But Prof X says that Mystique is on his own mind..want  revenge Trask as he killed lot of mutants in Vietnam wars…

But sooner, Wolverine convinces them, breaks Magneto from the prison with help pf Quicksilver…and travel to Paris to stop Mystique…but it all goes reverse as Magneto wants to kill Mystique …because if she gets caught with military they may use her DNA to sentinel project which is very dangerous to mutants…Magneto tries to fear humans and Trask..but Prof X wants to be friendly with humans…did They kill Mystique? wolverine does the past job and saves the war in present or not? what happened in 1973? did they alter the past and gets good with humans or the Trask project banned or given nod by military?….reveals in perfect action and fantastic presentation…


Movie is worth the money as lot of top stars Hugh Jack men, Jennifer, Helle berry, Fassbender, McAvoy, Ellen page..Though Hugh Jackmen presence is less…..macho, naughty..only actor in all seven installment….he is sure Riveting….Jennifer Lawrence looks good in her role and done justice  with some gymnastic acts ,fights…from heroine mode to bad-ass..does it with supreme ease..Fassbender  as Magneto is revelation ..climax / the railway track rip in the night are super and Mc Avoy as X performance is commendable..They proved to be class…Ellen & Helle does fine with old Prof x and Eric are good with plot..Peter as Silver rocks with his new role…The prison break scene of Magneto with help of Quick silver  and wolverine & the climax is alone worth the money you spend on this movie……opening scene, jail break, the Paris murder attempt, the track rip scene and the climax playground/white house scenes are just awesome…

Music is plus with some great photography happens to be the highlight of the movie..VFX scenes in the climax and jail break are fabulous..not only the scenes above justify VFX but all through the movie it is fabulous..editing is razor-sharp…action sequences are choreographed with the edge of the seat  elements..and sure it is impressive,imaginative and interesting…lot of scenes could have been confused in this kinda story..but Bryan singer direction takes story and movie simple , neat and clear…very deftly handled story without Jarring...


Few scenes like guns again showing there faces to police/military, cars flying by Magneto..are already scene in the previous sequels...though the story and screenplay is tight..it is little tedious to get the knot of the story..( confusing for the first timers!!!)..

X men:days of future….will be loved by audience who watched all the x men series( may be Wolverine movie doesn’t do much with it!!!)..but for the first timers it may be little confusing…but doesn’t send you empty handed out of theater…Action with some great technical aspects , super VFX will en-thrill you to the core….

Next X men : Apocalypse.. we are  waiting…

Verdict:7/10( 1 for big cast, 1 for cast performances , 1 for VFX ,1 for action scenes, 1 for photography, 1 for direction, .5 music & .5 jail break scene/climax)

Movie canvas Punch: X men: Days of future….master-class entertainment.

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