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Into the storm a sibling to the long back released twister movie..Village road show pictures ..directed by Steve Quale of Final destination 5…Title tells about the story a big storm takes a small town and survival of people, their hope , sorrow, giving up etc….

  • Director: Steven Quale
  • Genre(s): Action, Thriller
  • cast : Richard Armitage, Sarah Wayne Callies, Matt Walsh,
  • Run time: 89 min


Opening scene raises our eye brow..just pass in 2 min ..good one…then..we see a small Town, where a Silver town high school gets ready for graduation. Vice Principal Gary (Richard Armitage), his both sons Trey and Donnie.goes to school. On parallel, Pete and his team including camera operator and meteorologist mom(Sarah Wayne) skyping her 5 year old daughter ,search of Tornadoes or big storm who do documentation & research on this storm, traveling in storm chasing vehicle called Titus to Silver town has they predict a storm can hit the town..

On the graduation time, Trey goes with her Girl friend Kaitlyn (Alycia Debnam) to film  for her project…to a paper mill…but silver town is ravaged by a unprecedented tornadoes..Gary, Donnie with the storm chasing team wants to find his boy & her girl friend in the paper mill..but they warn that worst is yet to come…how do they face the worst? did Gary save his son who is hatred of his father? did Pete catches the storm and save his team  of people? with Gary taking care of couple of members  ..did they made it or not?…


It is the CGI, the best part of the film..the first storm hitting the school, the 3-4 twisters devastating the town at the same time, with fire catching from the gas station, swirling in the air, the climax of course!!! the big tornadoes hitting the town where ..nearby airports, trucks, buildings ,cars , humans fly in the just mind blowing…Great!!! VFX team deserves for the hard work

Photography does bring us some great visuals has some real footage and some cinematic photography mixed in the movies…sure the good part ….

Armitage of Hobbit fame is fantastic as lovely dad and strict principal…emotions flow out easily…others does their part good with Donnie, Sarah performed better.

—  Last 20 min and opening scene are sure the flashpoint


** It sound like b grade movie some times, as it feels documentary at the same time filmy….lazily shot emotion scenes, lethargic sequences which takes away the sheen from the audience, instead of goosebumps effects

** Music could have been better..Trailer promised some good music..but that’s not in the movie…

** Movie ends all of the sudden without any impact…2012 or twister movies had some memorable moments when we are out of it the nature disaster or human bonding..Into the storm lacks it

** Scenes some times test our patience, because of bad dialogues..or put it like this.. repetitive or routine for a nature disaster movie….

Still, Into the storm, is sure not a worst movie…it has its moment  of last 30 min…good watch if you want to spend 90 odd min..

Verdict :  5/10( 2 for CGI, 1 for photography, 1 for last 15min & 1 for Armitage )

Movie canvas Punch:     Into the Storm…good time pass...