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After the box office dud Ramayaa Vasthavayya, Junior NTR tries his luck with comedy &family sentiments with Santhosh, who gave Kandeeraga…Rabhasa is just another masala fare from Junior NTR ..But better than RV

Cast: NTR Jr, Samantha, Pranitha, Brahmanandam, Nasser, Nagineedu and Ajay
Director: Santosh Srinivas


Karthick(NTR), who is in mission for her mother…to love Chitti, attaya girl who is in college…on the other hand Indu(Samantha) who wants her friend to elope with herlove..she helps her friend to elope..Karthick comes to college finds Chitti aka Bagyam(Pranitha)…and her friend Indhu…Karthick makes Bagyam to fall in love..but its all goes in vain, as her original chitti is Indhu…now he goes to her home challenges mavaaya that he will marry Indhu

But Mavaaya goes to goon to get rid of Karthick, but they are in search of him for making the don brother putting in coma..Karthick takes  Indhu with him, but Indhu loves a guy whom she have not seen, but it is the one who helped her friend to elope with her lover to Canada from the marriage hall….which had some confusion in the wedding hall ….did Karthick marries her chitti or sacrifices his love for a rival family to reunite? did he comes to know the truth or did he achieves her mother desire ???..did revealed in some entertainment way…


Junior NTR looks handsome in this movie with toned physique…as usual excels in stunts, dance and emotion...this time he was damn  good in delivering the punches…his comedy with Brahmi &timing sense has been improveda average movie will be hit  movie its because Junior NTR energetic performance and terrific screen presence

Samantha looks beautiful but some time patchy makeup lets her down. Pranita is good with her glamor in half saree..her chemistry was better with NTR than Sam in movie…

It’s Brahmi , other hero of this movie..though the situation is routine, he is sure the crowd puller and safe sailor of second half..in specific the confusion with coma patient in the family is rollicking fun…Brahmi saves another movie with Hero

— “ Raakasi’ sung by Junior NTr and ” Hawa” songs are good to listen..Thaman fine with songs..

Stunts are stunning, though lot of ropes and cables have been spent..the climax and post interval fights are good..opening stunt will be enjoyed by NTR fans…

Photography is fine with editing does neat job

— Direction is above average by Santhosh with thin plot, but saved by not boredom screenplay


* Story is old as hill,  same pattern of routine family unite drama…little movie Mirchi, little Brindavanam, little other masala movies mixed up and served.

* Story wanted ly kept dragging with same comedy stuff, and showing the villains as clown in few scenes and terror in climax...kindle stop it directors…..

* background score could have been better, it could have given a great life to this kind of movie..

* Characters left halfway or just goes invisible or miss details in the movie..Pranitha character, shayji shinde, coma patient etc...

* Dance choreography was good but could have had some trademark NTR style..deja-vu sense in dancing dept...expected a bit…missed the elegance or style…

Rabhasa, is still a fairly engaging masala fare with Junior NTR and Brahmi shoulder the responsibility  the box office aspect..NTR fans will enjoy, as it will be much need hit from the last dud..but other, usual masala but not a boring masala…project Junior NTR in different avatar

Verdict:4.5/10( 1 for Junior NTR, 1 for Brahmi & comedy, , 1 for stunts, 1 for photography& couple of songs, .5 for second half)

Movie canvas punch : Rabhasa….Fairly engaging masala movie