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Mass Maharaja Arrives with power after super hit Balupu movie..does this time he tasted victory like balupu in box-office or not?

Cast: Ravi Teja, Hansika Motwani, Regina Cassandra, Prakash Raj, Brahmanandam

Music: Thaman S.S.

Story & Direction: K.S Ravindra(Bobby)
Producer: Rockline Venkatesh


ACP Baldev Saahyil( Ravi Teja), corrupt police officer in Kolkata dies in fierce fight & chase from police saving a dreaded don. In Hyderabad Tirupathi(Ravi teja) who lives with Bava aspires to become a honest police officer. He falls in love with Nirupama(Hansika) who runs a gemology shop, gives a lucky ring to his lover Tirupathi. Home minister of Kolkata finds Tirupathi who resembles Baldev, comes to Hyderabad…makes Tirupathi  ACP of Kolkata in place of Baldev to find the don (Sampath)  who is in hidden place…

Baldev is brother of Home minister, who feels guilty for his brother corrupt act of helping the don to escape from police custody..Tirupathi in place of Baldev helps Home minister , finds  the don..request minister to handover the don to police..so that you feel relaxed..but all of the sudden, home minister shoots Tirupathi, saves the don!!!!after the interval bang..Tirupathi comes to know about the real Baldev , his flashback and his secret mission hidden besides the corrupt status…who is don really? did Baldev died really? if so Tirupathi completes Baldev mission or not???reveals in the good fashion with some twist and turns …


Ravi Teja in the roles of Baldev and Tirupathi gives us electrifying performance..his spontaneous dialogues -one  liners, body language of casual tirupathi and corrupt Baldev needs a special mention..highly energetic in songs and action..harbor fight of baldev is best eg…Mass Maharaja the only savoir of this routine masala movie..punches and comic timing are impeccable

— Hansika & Regina does what expected from the leading ladies of commercial front…–glamor–

Stunts are well choreographed..in specific the Baldev fight in Harbor is done with enough punch

Thaman’s couple of songs captures the attention…” Notanki” sung by Ravi & ” Chempesinda” are good..Badmasupilla & Nuvvu nennu are also fine with for front benchers

First half is pretty fast…gets right mix of comedy, songs, stunts  and punches with good interval bang….

— Cast performance is fine with Brahmi ,Saptagiri, Ajay does finds place


* Second half though not bad..it stretches ….with unwanted songs and comedy

* Writer Bobby lot of scenes are lifted from his previous movies ..climax dance of Brahmi dance is from Balupu climax, some from Vikramrkudu, Saami, Ramana etc..lot of similarities with story and sequences

* BGM is pretty average for this kind of mass movie..could have been better…

* Routine story and plot bothers the audience

Still,Power movie is saved by Ravi teja performance and screen presence…with some good scenes & small surprises take this movie to above average status

Verdict : 5/10 ( 1 for Ravi Teja, 1 for stunts, 1 for couple of songs, 1 for first half, 1 for glamor &couple of twists)

Movie canvas Punch : Power….Powered by Mass Maharaja….massu–just passu…