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Sreenu Vaitla and Mahesh Babu once again joined for Aagadu after super duper Dookudu…it had all the flair and gusto in audio launch and trailers…did this deadly combo succeed with this mass masala entertainment or failed

Cast : Mahesh Babu, Tamanna, Sonu sood,Nasser, Brahmannadam, Narayana

Music : Thaman

Director: Sreenu Vaitla


A child helps police to catch thieves….the SI(Rajendra prasad) praise child Shankar…but he is orphan..Police officer takes him to his home..leaves with him and his son..but one fine day, Shankar taken to Prison for a murder..and so his raised father doesn’t want to see his face being guilty..Shankar aspires to become a police officer, studies in prison and becomes strict police officer, Encounter Shankar( Mahesh Babu)..

He is then transferred to Bukkapatnam where people fear for the dreaded don Damodar(Soonu sood) who begins project against people in the town of building a power plant…he also runs betting,  liquor business under local dons…Even police officers fear him, wants transfer order..Encounter Shankar posted to the area..with his intelligence and brawn power, he halts the power project of Damodar..In the middle he falls for Saroja (Tammanu) who runs a sweet shop with his family…But all of the sudden, Encounter shankar supports Damodar, the minister and police officer for the project with hidden agenda..He makes him fool and alone by separating all his friends..and kills at last..Why did he supports all of sudden? what is the hidden agenda? what happen to his father and brother? forms the rest of the story…


Off course it is Prince Mahesh Babu…He decorates every frame of the movie with his charisma and terrific screen presence…amazing control of language, perfect dialogues delivery, Killer looks and convincing stunts...addition improved great in dancing …He carries all alone this average masala movie with his performance….Punches are delivered in style..the first song is treat for fans…Prince rules…

Tamanna has limited scope but excels in glamor in songs..Ms Narayana in different shade,Nasser as constable, Posani and Brahmi with Rajendra prasad comes out good in movie

— Shruthi glam item song is plus..

Thaman songs are tuned fine..with ‘Aagadu’, ‘Bhel poori’, ‘Saroja’ good to ears and eyes also

Stunts are good but not bang…Photography by Guhan is pretty fine for the masala movie

— The dialogues of the  movie are attraction…as Sreenu trusted more on that than screenplay or in depth revenge plot

First half of the movie is sheer fun..with Prince , Tammu family scenes, the three rowdies trap with a story of his own previous movies will bring roof down


* Story and the plot..’N’ no of times dealt..revenge drama…Very thinnest story line and that too not a new one..but beaten up  many times by Telugu directors

* Second half is sure a letdown..Its nothing but Dookudu version 2.  the item song,brahmi comedy, the dud climax…and predictable scenes..lot of resemblance to the line of Dookudu in second half…is big minus…At least, Dookudu had some intense reason for revenge..and interesting screenplay..it falls flat..

* Brahmi though tickles bone…not to the expectation of Sreenu-Brahmi combo…the climax medley…, Balupu, recent power etc…boring…

* BGM to this mass movie is just average ..lot of dialogues in scenes are dominated by instruments..loud..loud..

* All the characters in the movie munches Dialogues in 120km fast..though good..it is tough to catch up fast dialogues….

* Sonu sood lacks the intensity of Villan..he is let down by inept characterization..how many times , villains are showed like clowns and believe whatever hero says..it looses the depth of protagonist character

* Editing ..is just ok…scissors could have been done….

Still,It is not Dookudu kind of fun…Aagadu has its own fun..but heavily borrowed from Sreenu Vaitla’s movies…his template..Mahesh babu and some good lines save the movie..Nenokkadine is far better than Aagadu…it was CLASS

Verdict: 5/10( 1.5 for Prince, 1 for songs, 1 for Stunts& photography, .5 glamor in songs, 1 for first half)

Movie canvas Punch: Aagadu…Prince saves…koncham Gabbar singh, koncham Dookudu