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Bang Bang..had good  pre- release hype…two gorgeous leads, rich production values, fun songs, good trailers…comes out as a official remake of Hollywood movie Knight and day..starring Tom cruise and Cameron Diaz…does this movie really bang??


A most dreaded and wanted Terrorist Umar Safar ( Danny)freed in Mi6 head quarters prison London by his gang,killing a brave Indian military officer(Jimmy shergil)..Umar wants the Kohinoor diamond..(for what??only god knows!!!!)….then some suave and brainy thief stole the Kohinoor diamond from London and waits for the price money from Umar and Shahib(Jafferi)…Cut..Simla, Harlene( Katrina Kaif) a bank Receptionist in Simla lives with her modern grandma…in search for date..register in Truelove.com..finds a person goes for date…but unfortunately the thief who stole the diamond named Rajveer( Hrithick Roshan) is chased by Umar henchmen…at the chase, Raj falls in love with first sight, she too waves her hand mistaking that he is the date..

After the initial romance,  the Police and Henchmen chase both of them, punching them as most wanted criminals..Harlene joins Raj in the globetrotting adventure,,travels to Greece, Prague, Simla, Dubai…finally ah!ah..Why  Raj doesn’t give the diamond for price money. though they are ready to offer?   who really he is??even the common man who has seen couple of Masala potboiler would predict the proceedings….


—  Hrithik Roshan is handsome, smart and charming as Raj…great dancing, cute romance, sculptured  body …applause to his dare devil stunts and risks…He is one man whom we watch this movie…other wise is complete trash

Katrina Kaif is gorgeous and looks Beautiful in the screen...beauty scorches the screen and she sizzles in the songs with micro -mini’s ,bikinis and short clothes..did some performance and  dancing too...

Great visuals and some mind blowing locations like Simla , Greece, Prague, London are superb… photography  plays is biggest part in movie…perfect shots and graceful in romance and chases

Action choreography is damn good with chases in land, water, sky,desert, roads, etc...Simla road chase and the water skiing fights deserves special mention

Music and songs are good with  title song, and opening song & another melody finds place


* Apart from above good things, every other is weak, weaker, weakest...Most of the scenes apart  from songs, Stunts..our brain automatically goes to sleep mode..dry and lack of imagination in romance and movie screenplay….very bad writing

* Big …big logic loopholes and carelessness is evident in the screen.…old fashioned phone in Katrina bank in Simla..does the story runs in 1985? bad art department,..what does Macromen, softdrink hoardings where Hrithik is brand ambassador does in the movie???…

/   He gets wounded in the first chase, he limps, meets Kat, but dances like rubber…? though he drugs  her often , she falls love seeing her Greek god body???Katrina acting is okay but makes us giggle because of dumb characterization..no match to Diaz in original

/   Why not Raj after stealing the diamond gets to the point, instead, runs holding hands with Katrina, romancing allover the world, islands??fighting with clown henchmen ‘s who work with so called dreadful don….

*   Instead, movie could have focused on some racy scenes like finding villains, intelligently handling the gang and police, or some fresh romance..attached very much to original ..as it forgets to bring Desi feel with teary family emotion and revenge mission….

Though action scenes create goose bumps, it feels overboard or pass without interest as the preceding plot of the sequences doesn’t have strong hold punch.…Simply walks speaks ,kills baddies which lack finesse

* When the first scene opens with  Jimmy , we come to know that Hrithik is related in person..and so when Hrithik is presented as thief, it is evident that climax will be like this..even twist or not handled good..

* Incompetency in direction of Siddarth Anand is clearly seen as he could not handle this style of big budget masala action flicks.…Villain has men in all departments, and how comes he doesn’t know the Kohinoor diamond theft plans & mission in climax…? Is it possible to believe the fact without verifying.?….

* Still most of our villains are brainless…Chases, sexy songs, handsome hunk, beautiful heroine, grand production values and locations can make a good movie.…no siddharth

Story and screenplay has to be on the track has all the above rest in this two aspects....Why to spend lavishly for this mindless action movie!!!!!!.. I felt Aagadu Telugu movie was much good to this bang !bang!.

Bang !Bang !movie is costly dustbin..

Verdict: 3.5/10( 1 for Hrithik Roshan, .5 for Katrina, 1 for Photography and 1  for action choreography)

Movie canvas Punch : Bang! bang! spineless Enter”pain”ment