Jeeva and Thulasi Nair in Yaan Movie Posters

Ravi k Chandran, a respectable Director of photography announced his debut in direction with Jiva, raised eye brows..and the posters ensured another Ko kind of entertainment…but Yaan utterly fails to keep audience hooked to the seats….

Film: Yaan
Cast: Jiiva, Thulasi Nair, Nasser, Jayaprakash, Thambi Ramaiah, Karunakaran, Nawab Shah
Director: Ravi K Chandran
            Police commissioner of Mumbai Anwar(Jayaprakash)  plans a encounter on international terrorist  Malik … as he comes for a event…Things go wrong as violence and gun fight erupts between them and there terrorist killed after bunch of bullets shattering windows and cars…in the middle we meet Chandru( Jiiva) and Srila( Thulasi)…. Chandru falls in love at first sight , where he escorts and saves Srila in the gunfight…then he roams , tries to charm Srila….after some terrible & Pity romance scenes, Srila father , a retired army man fires the unemployed, Chandru , ” how can you live happily without a earning?” as he lives in the shadow of Grandma..( no idea what grandma is doing? and there house look like million bucks, he wears trendy costume and rides costly bikes!!!!!)
      Then with a travel agents help, he gets a job in Bazilistan, but alas!!he gets caught in the airport when he lands and arrested for drug possession , … the court of the country order to cut his head in the middle of people….as the law is very strict for drug trafficking in the country…chandru lately knows that he has been cheated by travel agents..through a Tamil friend in the prison, he sends note to their beloveds….Srila  feels guilty, goes to Bazilistan to save and bring back Chandru…what happens next will sure bring us either a headache or sleep…..
Jiiva does what is expected from him…dances better in the Aathangari song, romances good, delivers some fine stunts…his presence at least make this terrible movie to sit…
Tulasi, this time has better footage then her previous outing..she is there throughout the movie,  got some fine expressions, acts even good…dances in colorful,glamorous costume…
The only silver/gold/ diamond lining in this movie, which every body appreciated is the Manush nandan’s Photography..the initial scene speaks his caliber…songs, the alien locations of the country, the Mumbai streets, oceans and few scenes are just worth looking because of  his damn hard work….surely eye catching and a talent to look out
— “ Aathangarai ” , Latcham Calorie songs are foot tapping though , it feels heard tunes of Harris
—  Stunts are pretty fine with the movie and well shot...the chase scene and the beginning one…
* First half is big bore…the screenplay is pity that the audience cant enjoy the romance is not cute and not even interesting…till interval there is no story..just blindly beating around the bush with dumb love scenes….failed to evoke even  some smile….songs in the middle..test our patience..though good to ears…..
It had very good plot, but Ravi concentrated more on visuals and color tones, and failed on solid narration and characterizations..Jiiva routine character of jobless youth…., Karunakarn taxi driver character, the autism guy..why these two people die without a solid reason????just to bring sympathy to audience????underestimated …
* Again dialogues like..chill, cool, slap your smart ass, Mudikittu poda….do they think using this words  we believe that they are daring/ Mumbain’s????and why does all people speak in tamil?
           Even a jailed prisoner, from Spain speaks clear Tamil…..and some times subtitle roles for easy ones, and doesn’t role for hard ones specific the Bazilistan part ????lethargic..
* Comedy could have saved the first half..or say some humor….with blunt love scenes, director would have thought the humor track would disturb story..but where is the story in first half?????
Movie is Just a cocktail of Dham dhoom  and Mariyaan....
* BGM was very average, and in some shots it looks loud and childish…Harris passed in songs but missed  in background…
* Editing could have been great relief for this slow paced movie…
* Logic.…..Does that easy to cross border in camel, and an international terrorist can he live as biggest business man of that nation , as he is wanted by international police..?
          Jiiva walks cool in the  conference and speak in middle revealing the terrorist Jiva is prisoner in that country….What police and law doing??? doesn’t they know that he escaped?only terrorist gang searches him….
* Narration or screen writing is very bad, as movie runs at snail pace…
Ravi. K  Chandran has done Magic in donning the camera but as director his debut movie Yaan is terrible disappointment….why does this movie took 2 years in making??? god and producer only knows…..
Verdict:  2.5( 1 for Lead pair, 1 for Manush DOP, .5 for stunts & couple of songs)
Movie canvas Punch : Yaan.. you will yawn…