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2012 Blockbuster Thuppaki team is back…This time..loads of controversies  faced before the release..but Kaththi movie seems to be cracker of entertainment with a social message…ARM & Thalapathy with young team proved a deadly combo

Cast: Vijay ,Neil Nitin Mukesh, Samantha, Satish, Totta Roy,
Direction: AR Murugadoss
Music: Anirudh Ravichander


Movie almost start with a witty twist….Kathiresan(Vijay)a thief in Kolkata prison helps Kolkata police to Catch a  criminal …Alas!! he escapes to Chennai ,meets his prison mate Ravi(Sathish), plans to escape Bangkok…In the Airport he meets Ankitha(Samantha), falls in love..cancels his trip..in the middle he meets Jeevanantham(Vijay) in strange incident….for his safety..Kathir swaps as Jeevanandam….goes to his place where he lives in old age home..whereas Jeeva mistaken as Kathir taken to kolkata Jail..Kathir and Ravi gets 25 lakhs in a week, plans to escape to Bangkok, ..fortune as other plans,,he meets his love Ankitha there.

A corporate cola company CEO Shirag(Neil Nithin) tries to kill Jeeva…..all of the sudden Kathir comes to know the real reason of Corporate and old people struggle..He comes to know about Jeevanandam, a social activist & hydrologist..fights for farmers, their basic rights of farming and water resource against the cola company which tries to occupy the village land for water resources . their pains…and sorrows..now Kathir firms himself in Jeeva place, after the flashback…returns the money of CEO..and stands behind the farmers..What did CEO do to  take the land and does he wins the case? Kathir plans and his fight for farmers won or not? What Happened to Jeeva in kolkata Jail?..does reveal in the cat& mouse game with some solid making and in depth presentation..ends with stunning climax


—  AR Murugadass the captain is the biggest strength..the strong story of farmers struggle,corporate gamble , Media leathargy and present day themes are well mixed &balanced with mass elements..His elegance is evident in presentation of the story…placing few impact scenes rather than passing message in dialogues to support the in depth story …dialogues are powerful- eg one line about communism, the climax press meet, drainage cleaning guy lines are impressive…

    ARM trademark style of scenes are showered..like..Farmers flashback, coin fight, idea of water block, prison escape, blueprint scenes, the climax fight touch and press-meet…ARM proves again ,he is master of message and mass..

IllayaThalapathy Vijay in dual/identical role…It is one of the finest performance of Vijay till date..kudos to ARM for bringing the actor in him..as Kathiresan..he crackles the screen with his romance, cute expressions, stunts, dances, counter with Neil  and good with emotions..But it is  Jeevanadam who makes difference…with grey beard, rubber slippers, coward body language, eye blinks, voice/slang, silence....lots of changes, not in the get ups but the acting in screen..the Village police station scene & the climax of Vijay Introducing mom and his sister, bowing to Kathir are wonderful….Vijay shines as star and actor in this movie...really a memorable role and movie in his career...

Samantha looks beautiful in movie and songs…though less scope..she makes her presence in almost all scenes..all the cast and their performance are top-notch…Sathish is good with timing..even some old people in the crowd does find place in our heart with their performance..

Neil Nithing Mukesh as Antagonist makes a impressive debut..his own dubbed voice & lip sync is sheer treat..looks stylish and suave as corporate biggie..comes out with steller show towards climax….

Anirudh..Songs are already ragging among crowds..”Pakkam Vanthu”, ” aathi” , ‘Selfie pulla”, “yaar” ..all are good to ears…what we don’t know is matured and rocking Background score from young sensation…if whistles are blown when screen shows the super scenes or Vijay..he has 50% of credit..score elevates the scene and heroism to a another level..

One movie old George Williams….director of photography is fabulous..his color tone on kathiresan & Jeeva…shots of dry village, fight scenes at the room..climax..Pakkam Vanthu song are well shot…Lights & 360 degree shot in the water pipe is jaw dropping with the music score…lens-man to watch out ..stays with story

Stunts by anal Arasu is ” Anal”..the room fight, pre interval and climax are worthy..the wheel pin, knife spin..and dare not to mention the Coin fight after the interval are superb….

— Dance choreography for first song of Pakkam vanthu is good and Aathi does has its moments..Shobi..the choreographer

— Dialogues are heart warming in most of the places and bold in few places..farmer’s pain , Media TRP, carefree coverage of farmer issue, beer baron etc…….ARM as story writer, dialogues, screenplay writer and director ….one word..’adorable’

– Lal Kudi Illayaraja the national award winning art director proves that he is MR dependable..

Sreekar proves his mettle in editing ..


First half of the movie takes time to pick..though moves without boring…it lacks pace and entertainment..as humor takes backseat

* Some logic’s here and there..18 times escapist and perfect planner Kathir, why does he get caught in Jail?what about the character of kolkata baddie who waits for avenging kathir..left halfway...is it possible to takeover pipes and police just watches simply without any negotiations??but its all covered up by some interesting scenes

* Samantha role could have been stretched and Selfie pulla song could have pictured better...very normal choreography and fairly shot..(Hurry!!!to finish  shoot is pretty visible)

* length of the movie ..it runs for 2 hrs 45min..even not a boring..it feels some times dragging or preachy...

* Not a racy or stylish action flick like Thuppaki...its no thuppaki..Kaththi and Thuppaki are contrast content….

Overall…ARM & Vijay strikes gold with audience …with strong story, neat presentation, songs, photography and deft direction..it is easily known that Kaththi is one of the best show as star & actor of Vijay in his career...with good director like this ,Thalapathy will make great movies a head

Verdict:7/10( 1.5 for Vijay, .5 for dialogues & couple of scenes, 1 for casting & performance, 1 for songs &score, 1 for action, 1 for DOP, 1 for strong theme & ARM’s direction)

Movie canvas Punch : Kaththi….ARM & Vijay’s sharp weapon…