happy-new-year-out-with-new-posters-01 HNY

Farah Khan-Shah Rukh re unite after two blockbusters “Main hoon na” and Om shanthi om…after some word wars this duo comes out  with out & out entertainer…HNY..don’t mind critics..enjoy the movie …

 Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Abhishek Bachchan, Sonu Sood, Boman Irani, Vivaan Shah

Director: Farah Khan


Charlie(Shah Rukh) a thief or fighter??? wants to take revenge on Charan Grover(Jackie) as he betrayed his father(Anupum Kher)  who is specialist /best in developing safety lockers and sent him to Jail..Charlie forms a team..Jackie(Sonu Sood) a deaf, a best buddy of Charlie, a oldie(Bomran Irani) who worked for his father, a hacker, and Nandu ( Abishek Bachan) who is a drunkard wants money for his mother operation…

Grover runs a safety locker business called Shalimar safes which is none other Charlie Fathers design…and protecting 9 prestigious diamond in Atlantis hotel in Dubai just for a day ..why one day? or for whom????..Charlie wants a revenge, plans to steal the diamonds from the lasers..air duct and shield protection…as there are lot of security issues…But that day happens to be finals of World dance competition(WDC)…Charlie team are thief’s but not dancers..they recruit Mohini(Deepika), A bar dancer.who falls for charlie charm and his English….they participate in the Indian auditions and need to win and go as Team India to world competition..with  clown dancers, did Charlie wins the auditions & goes to Dubai? did he steal the diamonds as per plans & sent Grover to Jail? what about Mohini love and his team??are revealed in silly  illogical fun way…..


King Khan’s Presence and his timing lines with some fine acting at the rival meeting scenes are great...he pulls his own leg as he is not a great dancer.. amazes us with bang intro &the eight packs at a fight surprises the audience..King khan kept simple,under played and pleasant to watch…

Deepika as a Bar dancer is cho cho !!!sweet ..with her distinguished slang, and her motivation speech in the audition is super fun..sexy with her wear &tear clothes..makes her presence in glamor and acting department

Abhishek Bachan Nandu is great fun to watch..he is proving himself with his impeccable comic timing in the industry again..as a drunk,unfocused looser, pencil thin beard and American dirty slang…this man keeps us hooked with his funny one-liners…a surprise is there ???

— Sonu Sood does his part well as deaf guy, with his macho looks and physique..Bomran Irani does finds place .. proves his versatile in gaps..with Vivvan providing a fresh feel as friend & hacker..Jackie Shroff as betrayed millionaire fits the bill…

Songs and music by Vishal shekar keeps us engaged with movie..especially the second song and India Waale!!!rocks

Manush Nandan,  DOP of Dumb movie Yaan in Tamil...proves his mettle in the opening shot of the movie HNY ..his shots and frames are picture perfect with Dubai and India shines in his lens..he is the technical hero of the movie, which makes the film grandeur & colorful…Visually appealing

One liners and Farah khan touches in few places of the screenplay is evident..especially in the songs ..the dance tutoring, heist plans,Abi air duct open scenes, grammars speeches  are simply hilarious….


*  There is story ..but not impressive or imaginative…heavily inspired from Hollywood or say recent Bollywood movies..without strong plot or Knot movie seems wavering ..

* illogical and unbelievable scenes in the movie is clearly visible in the screen..lot of Why’s should beat around the brains of audience...

Cast of the movie are not great dancers..except Dippy..they win the audition twice in India and wins WDC competition finals…is just flowers….flower market in ears!!!!Can’t even one person find the identical aspect of Nandu..with small beard and some eye touch-ups…cant they recognize as he roams freely inside &outside of Hotel???

Cliches...is this the security Dumb, with small laptop they deactivate laser , air ducts that easy..as the movie shown all the villains men are dumb,dumber..Hollywood movies justify the scenes ….there are lot more all over the movie…

* 3 hrs plus is the run time of movie....it is big in cast, big technical crews..but editing should have been more crisp..

Happy new year is big in terms of production values, some great talent of crew and cast,  with very low content…movie doesn’t have any messages but can feel happy and fun inside the theater...can ring box office but not the best /good movie..not even Farah -king khan’s best entertainment…

Verdict: 5/10( 1 for Shah Rukh, 1 for deepika, Abishek & cast, 1 for Manush Photography, 1 for grandeur& songs ,1 for humor/ one-liners)

Movie canvas Punch: Happy new year… grand,colorful, jolly but  s(ch)illy entertainment