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Interstellar a space movie which created ripples before release..because it is from one of the best director and screenplay writer Christopher Nolan directing the flick…Who has some mind blowing movies like Inception,Memento,Batman Trilogy in his Kitties…Exploring the space and save human race is what the basic plot of movie…

Genre: Sci-FiCast: Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Michael Caine
Director: Christopher Nolan

            Movie set in the future where Human kind and our planet slowly dies due to global food crisis, crippling climate changes and dust..So most of the people are in to farming in the US, one is Cooper (Matthew) a widower , engineer and X-space pilot lives in outskirts with his small family of daughter Murph, son and grandfather….cultivating corn…as only corn comes up in the land.. Cooper  one night stumble up by visiting a secret place of NASA with her daughter ..He meets DR Band(Michael Cain), and his team…comes to know about the Space mission of exploring new planets in other Galaxy to save human race , as Our galaxy and planet Earth is destroyed slowly…
         Team of Astronauts are ready for the space mission travels in a orbit called Endurance, but needs a pilot….Cooper at the beginning avoids due to his family..after the detailed explanation from the professor Band..he accepts the mission, and comes to know the importance of it..which has two plans..Plan A ..find the other 3 team who has been in to space exploration from 12 as 9 of them lost signals…in traveling to a  wormhole and black hole near our Galaxy….get the data about gravity DR Band can save Earth with his equation ,solving the secret wormholes and black holes stops extracting our planets ,as black holes have infinite gravity of pulling even light & sound…. Plan B…if not plan A ..then find new planets and expand our species through genetics ….all four with Cooper, a scientist, a helper, and Dr brand Daughter (Anne Hathway) flies to space…as Cooper Daughter not letting her father go..But Cooper accepts to save human kind..get his team in to wormhole by docking his ship with space station…finds two of them..but waste of all the data and signal are fake….
  Other big problem is when they are on other side of Galaxy…time also differs,,,,,the first they go to find a Dr that planet..1 hr of time 25 years of earth time…so when Cooper & Dr Brand returns to the ship, 23 years have gone….!!!!but there comes the secret from Murph(Jessica) a grown girl who is assisting DR Brand in Earth that Plan A is not possible as all his gravity equation is blunt as only saving grace is to enter black hole..find what is in other side..get the gravity equation to close the black hole,warn hole that human can atleast be saved by immigrating in other planets…what does Cooper and Dr brand decide? whether they head back to Earth to spend some time with family Or they decide to go into Black hole & find solution? did they overcome problems on gravity & time shifting aspects? did they head to home planet or executed plan B?…just get your answer with the stellar movie…what a presentation and scene defining !!!!!
Caution: kindly read some thing about black hole and warm hole before you enter the cinema hall to enjoy the sci-fi movie.
 — Research..Nolan’s Research and data on space, its myth of black holes, Warmholes, ..its appearance..the detailed know-how of space missions and travel ..are just mind blowing..His trademark style of screenplay…Scene shifting immediately to launch after  he leaves the daughter rather than dumb mission training scenes….., emotions throughout the film, love, longing,affections…adventure, fantastic space scenes…(the ship docking scene with international space station, and wave scenes) sheer treat…..are going to blow audience..It is Nolan all over the movie with some fantastic making...
Matthew is just wonderful.…fits perfectly in the bill of engineer &space pilot..Oscar winner doesn’t need to teach scene where he views the videos of daughter in the space is slice of example….Man Makes this movie a wonder watch
Anne Hathway is simple and neat with her role...she does her space act and scared of returning home is good..but Jessica Chastin steals the show with her good acting and characterization....Michale Cain is fabulous…with rest of the cast performance is quite decent…..
–It is the technical crew who are pillars of Nolan Master piece….Be it the photography, visuals..its Breathtaking….The dust spins, the earth shots, the corn farms, space journey, worm holes, international space station rotations, the docking scene, waves, snow planets are just Breath taking…..
VFX is one word..”super amazing”…
Music by Hans Zimmer  needs no introduction..versatile specific,,,the space is silent..only the ship sounds and metal clinging sounds at the right places…should watch in good screen say..IMAX or some good Multiplexes to feel the visual and music
Few scenes raise goose bumps..the docking scenes, the giant waves,, the time shifting facts, the black hole…the emotion scene,, the twist before an hour..the intelligent climax ..are worth mentioning
Dialogues are very close to heart and its all about mankind and their life.
— Editing is fine…
The plot hole, warm hole…some sci-fi words…space facts are complicated for the common audience to grasp...and to make worse..first one hour of the movie moves at sluggish pace with lots of conversation except 2 or 3 scenes…if you prepared with some news on the above facts  & little will enjoy…else…it is average flick..
It is not he best of Nolan’s tricky screenplay...compared to his previous flicks like Memento, inception…Interstellar is not the best of his product….intelligence in the scenes are missing….rather it passes as dialogues..detailing the space things than scenes…he keeps straight…
* Length of the movie is okay for the audience who enjoy space missions, imaginative story but not for those who love some is long 2hr 45 min….
* Action quotient or some edge of seat scene are very don’t expect some claps or wow!! sounds in the theater…
* Lot of confusion and questions will come in front of audience who goes only for entertainment value or say time pass
*  It is no Gravity or event horizon which has some entertainment Quotient or Apollo 13 
Interstellar..Not the best of Nolan....Must watch once but with little patience.
…..Movie has some greatest imagination of  space myth & reality, detailed facts, stunning visuals, magnificent VFX, mesmerizing music score, Great performances, in depth and research screen writing.. will have goose bumps …but with complicated plot, Slow progressing scenes, action-less /entertainment-less, length, some science things will keep common audience confused &stay away from the movie Hall…
Verdict:6.5/10( 1 for story & Space research, 1 for Matthew& cast Performance, 1 for Hans Zimmer score, 1 for Photography, 1 for VFX & visuals, 1 for Nolan’s direction, .5 for  few nerve wrecking scenes)
Movie Canvas Punch : Interstellar…Experimental, Space Exploring ,Exciting but not a ‘pop-corn’ Entertainment


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