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Puri- Junior NTR’s Temper movie..second film for the both ..Movie expected on the line of Pokkiri/businessmen with Tarak’s trademark style of dance & punches..Temper…what does it offers

Cast : Junior NTR, Kajal Agarwal, Prakash Raj

Music: Anoop Rubens

Direction: Puri Jagannath


Daya(Junior NTR) an orphan from childhood aspires to become a corrupt SI police officer..just not cared about duty but money, money due to his poor childhood life..he is cunning and more cunning..transfers to Vizag..But here to Daya supports / befriends a deadly gangster Vasu(Prakash Raj) and his brothers dealing in illegal business..Moorthi(Posani) a honest constable always with Daya is not happy with bad-temper attitude…one fine day, Daya meets Shanvi (Kajal)who is member of pet cross, runs a mini zoo kind in his home with mother and her team…

Daya soon falls for her ..both fall in love and she is more important for him..but alas in  quick transition, Shanvi ask Daya a birthday gift..that is nothing else a girl(Madhrima), who has been chased by Vasu gang for some reason..Daya for Shanvi, saves the girl from gang..Vasu and Daya now becomes two extremes as Vasu touches Daya Ego…Who is the girl?  why are Vasu gang chase her? did Daya betrays the girl or Vasu? turned honest or supports Vasu? is all revealed with some decent climax with a message…


++ Tarak..Junior NTR is MR dependable in the movie ..his act is durable..complete changeover in his style..dialogues delivery , the body language, his costumes ..in specific the stunts & temper rise scenes..he is fantastic…go careless attitude in the grey shade characterization is welcome for Tarak, who was monotonous in his couple of previous movies..dance is feast to eyes & stunts are bang….Junior NTR proves he is star material again…Tarak yatra…

++ Prakash raj though looks routine, his character design & his performance takes it to good reach ..big cast & they did okay..Madhurima was fine with sister act…

++ Sam K Naidu..photography looks fine in the songs and stunts…beach stunts at climax, the opening chase of Tarak are well captured…DOP was add point for the commercial movie

++ Mani Sharma BGM makes a mark which travels well with movie..temper theme is good..it surely helps the movie’s pace to race

++ First 30 min of the movie,Tarak came out of image trap and towards the climax races with some spicy entertainment..not bored of movie

++ Stunts by Vijay raises the bar..the police station fight of Tarak change over & interval fights are good

++ Dance choreography is fascinating..the temper song, opening item song, and beach song…with graceful Tarak moves..songs looked good in the screen


— Except for the first 30 min..movie falls again in the same plot of bad turning to good...instead of screenplay running in conversation, it could have had some stuff in the scenes..again Puri takes a story even the line of story traveling is similar to his movies..eg ..orphan in most of his movies, hero doesn’t bother about rules..etc except for Tarak characterization, old story, screenplay is average, logic less (eg..climax fight..only happens in cinema..) and direction is just fair

Kajal agarwal is sensuous in songs but lost her charm in the face as makeup are patchy in most of the scenes with torn clothes in songs, dances, romances like ordinary masala film girl…

Cast like Sarala, Ali, Vennale Kishore , Tanikala Barani in small roles has been wasted…

— Humor is here &there, but Ali,Vennela kishore, Sarala…comedy is not up to previous Puri movie standards

Anoop Rubens songs are just average that too because it is pictured better ..looks good in screen but not for ears…not a great album for Tarak mass & dance caliber

— Puri, the director who is always good in making and styling ..but looses temper in the screenplay...always media at the last & people hold boards, fight against crime…Puri needs to think out of box, he is great director..don’t forget some of his trendsetting movies..he will bounce back in style..

Temper movie is just Tarak yatra all the way..those who don’t love him, will also love his characterization & acting..apart from good technical support

Verdict: 5 /10 (1.5 junior NTR, .5 BGM, 1 for Photography, 1 for Stunts& dance choreography, 1 for couple of scenes& first 30 min)

Movie canvas punch : Temper…Tarak bounces back not strong enough…