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Ethir neechal team is back this time with Kakki story…whats in the store to offer by Siva-Durai-Dhanush-Anirudh???

Cast: Sivakarthikeyan, SriDivya, Prabhu

Direction: Durai Senthil kumar

Music: Anirudh Story

MadhiMaran(SivaKarthikeyan) a honest constable works under SI(prabhu) in crime department who wants to be like his father . He meets Divya(SriDivya) a nurse working in Hospital. After some initial romances, they both fall in love and serious twist happens where Bengali boy who works in tea stall opposite to Madhi station dies in the accident and his organs donated because of brain death…

With a clue, Madhimaran stumbles in to the deadly organ trading gang, who kills workers   immigrated from north…that too Orphans…headed by Durai(Riaz) who’s is supported by commissioner, politicians ,international organ traders and goondas..all these activities  are carried out through Durai fathers SP man power agencies who sources employees from other state. With SI and inspector murdered…all the proofs against Durai is cleanly swiped by Durai’s intelligence,  how come Madhimaran handled this deadly organ traders is all told with some cat &mouse chase..and few interesting sequences..did he save people? killed Durai or not?


+ Siva karthikeyan in Madhimaran role..his transformation from humor to action is laudable with toned body, some  good comedy, lovable expressions and fierce stunts..excels in romance…He has done lot of hard work in dance, stunts this time..Amazing energy level..and his screen appearances are super..

+ Sri Divya looks beautiful and did decent job in the movie though her charm is missing..

+ Surprise here is Villain Vijay Riaz ..his portrayal of Durai is hard hitting and oozes freshness in the villainy role..his expressions and simple looks are terrific..essayed the role at the best..some times crosses our hero performance..good find!!!! Imman annachi, Prabhu,  Manobala stand out from others…

+ Sukumar,Mynaa /Kumki fame photographer has done some superb lens work..the rain fight before the interval, kadhal kan  songs are the best of him..He makes the movie with catchy and clear shots..

+ Anirudh songs…”Kokki pootu”, ” Kadhal” are fine with BGM is appropriate for the movie with some rock&drums elevate the massissm….

+ Good stunts..the rain fight is the pick of the action…

+ Second half is better than the first half..from the clue of organ trading , movie races pretty fast to the climax..interesting but known twist and couple of fine scenes makes this movie a decent entertainer


Kakki fit is misfit for Sivakarthikeyan though he carried of his role good..needs to improve miles on the  body language and tough expression for a police..good at humor and action but needs some more learning

First 1 hour is blunder with cute-less romance episodes, some scenes jumping to New York, Kolkata, Chennai…not so interesting police station episodes , some buildups on hero..routine ….

Some logic flaws in the screenplay..how come the school will allow a mentally ill student, who is son of City commissioner to a constable without informing to commissioner,

Why does brainy villain believes pimp Manobala and comes out of his house leaving his important laptop, where he always carries???..there are some more …leaving all are like mere fools only the constable is intelligent

— Editing would have been better for the first half with 3 songs breaks the pace of movie…

Recent movies like Thirudan police, Ettu thikkum Madha Yaani, Yennai arindhaal had similar plot of organs trading & police story traces…

Kakki sattai , not a new cop story or best of the commercial movie , but KS has its own flavor ..in specific the last one hour…

Verdict:  5.5/10(1 for Sivakarthikeyan, 1 for Villain & cast,1 for Anirudh, 1 for Sukumar, DOP, 1 for Second half, .5 for stunts)

Movie canvas Punch:  Kakki sattai..first 1 hr “stain”, rest “Shine”