Siddharth, Deepa Sannidhi Enakkul Oruvan Movie Release Posters Enakkul-Oruvan-Movie-Wallpapers5 Enakkul-Oruvan-Tamil-Movie-Wallpapers-1EO official remake of Kannada out of box psychologist thriller movie Lucia which created wonders in movie industry is now in Tamil with Siddharth-CV Kumar combo…does EO matches Lucia’s feat??

Cast: Siddharth, Deepa Sannidhi, Naren

Direction: Ramprasth ramar

Music: Santhosh Narayanan


Vicky( Siddharth) a torch bearer in a low run theater suffers from Insomnia..he does share a beautiful relationship with theater owner Durai(Naren)..Durai suffered losses and money lender gang warns to pay back money…one night Vicky meets a dubious character, and gets into the world of Lucia..Lucia is a drug which ensures a sound sleep and added attraction is that dreams of your own life which we have desire to live…Vicky loves Divya( Deepa) who works in Pizza outlet but she denies marriage due to salary and his outer personality..dejected Vicky takes Lucia and lives in his dream world.

Vicky is now Vignesh, a super star in cinema industry , where Durai is his personal manager, Divya is upcoming model and others who are not liked by him in theater life are lying low in Vicky’s dream…Vignesh sees divya in a scooter ad, meets her ,falls in love …plan to marry and lead a simple life instead he feels stardom is boring, but divya aspires to become a top actor, she betrays one time Vignesh, and so Vignesh wants will be spoiler to reveal the rest of story…our protagonist struggles to find which is real and dream, started to live dream life as real life..what is climax? is Lucia a true dream drug ? what happened to Vicky and vignesh?


+ Siddharth’s remarkable performance in the twin role of Vicky and Vignesh is the key of EO..He is effortless in projecting the star Vignesh role, and his costumes, acting  and style quotient are admirable..walks easily with his super role..he is good as torch bearer role with his innocent looks and acting…

+ It is the terrific& excellent climax and the scenes presentation/linup the biggest strengths  of the movie….rock solid climax with goose bumps.!!!!!!.is surely treat for unique movie lovers…after the climax, we will be amazed of the whole movie and its script writing, way its unfold..Brilliant!!!Sheer Brilliance!!!

+ Tall & Fair Deepa Sannidhi debuts in the movie with heroine role of great significance, that too double role is lucky..She looks beautiful in the pizza scenes and gorgeous in songs and model role...gets right expressions at right place..performed good ..

+ Naren did fine job where other casting is okay

+ Plot of dream and reality ..the way the story revealed is good..Black &white scene for one story, color for other is good differentiation..Pawan kumar ,kannada director story is the highlight

+ Editing is mere king of Technical department, carefully edited without leaking the suspense factor of scene we miss..its gone all over..kudos to the editor

+ Santhosh narayanan songs ” Prabalmagave”, “Endi eppa” , “poo” are  hit numbers,and his score is mesmerising, which even takes below average scenes to watchable one

+ Gopi Amarnath photography played holi in the theater episode and vintage black & white scenes are magical..


No entertainment quotient..There is no comedy, some good one liners, glamour, relaxing fun moments as movie pass like a dry canal mostly till the climax…the first half is snail paced and event he second half…

It lacks the depth in love story or even the cinema background plot..already seen prince &pauper love story, rejecting..then loving for good heart…routine love scenes in both parallel stories doesn’t have fresh ness ..

Some here and there logic loopholes...some cannot be revealed , which may spoil the suspense factor…

who are the men unnecessarily disturb siddhu, and killer waits to kill all the time though he gets opportunity???Siddharth is walking like jolly guy every where with death threat?..

what is character of Shristhi doing in movie??, does the video of fact at last to be tele casted to TV, instead it could have been revealed only to police and respected person?

Last couple min cliche….in the hospital bed!!!!

— Some times Deepa Sannidhi looks very ordinary and make up of her leaves the impression, not attractive in some scenes…Shristhi is wasted in unwanted role

— There was a place for humor in the script but literally   the director avoided to give a movie a non-linear tag- hard hitting tag..but this falls , because it is not the movie for entertainer audience & only for critics-movie childrens, families , village-sub urban and action lovers will stay away for sure..

— Screen writing could have better backed up with humor & cute romance..

— Siddhu’s makeup and changeover of torch bearer role is awkward, and we see star and not the character of Vicky

EO, is not for regular movie goers, action lovers…we need to sit patiently for 1 & 30 min to witness a shocking& fantastic climax which we will be amazed of the end output….

Verdict: 5.5 (1 for Siddharth, 1 for Deepa & Cast, 1 for Editing, 1 for songs &BGM, 1 for climax and .5 for photography)

Movie Canvas: Ennakul oruvan…Patience is virtue