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After super hit  lowkyam..Gopichand is fresh and energetic..comes out with other fine commercial entertainer with all ingredients with new comes Radha Krishna Kumar the director…whats in the store???

Cast: Gopichand,Rashi Khanna, Posani

Music: M. Ghibran

Director: RadhaKrishnaKumar


Reddy, a gang lord escapes from  police on the way to prison and he is in search of his right hand man Ranganath who betrayed his money and friendship…….Jai(Gopichand) a good hearten, courageous firefighter who loves his firemen job lives happily with his family..Jai falls in love with Savithri(Rashi Khanna) at first sight..their love blossoms and every thing goes well ..until one fine day, Jai saves a man in a hotel fire and severly injured man utter few words to his ears which Jai cant get…but he dies in the hospital…But the Gang lord Reddy, lock horns with Jai and his family….kills his friend and father..threatens to kill his relatives and lover Savithiri come Jai got rift with Reddy and gang???did he save his family and hand over to Police or what is Jil all about


+ Gopichand never looked stylish …was handsome, subtle act, good chemistry with Rashi khanna makes that he is perfect entertainers without loud noises…..his stunts and macho looks add spice to the movie..good show

+ Rashi khanna is cute with her hair pull etiquette..she looks homely in the movie and gorgeous..damn hot in songs…big crowd puller with her looks and glamor

+ Urvashi, villanin,Bharat reddy stands out with performance….and Posani murali is superb in his comic role…

+ Photography by Sakthi saravanan…rules in stunts scenes and foreign location songs...his lens made this movie looks stylish…

+ Ghibran, the upcoming music director songs are already on rage ..the title song, and couple of romance no are good to ears & eyes..his background needs to be noticed for keeping the movie tempo on track

+ Anal Arasu the other hero of the movie..his stunts are fierce , dust and bang….the pre interval fight & the rain fights speaks volume about this guy

+ Screenplay is tight and pace moves at interesting speed with simple yet pep twists & turns.….romance scenes , Humour one lines with mom-son are good in the movie…Radha Krishna kumar makes a good debut…

+ Dance choreography by Raju master & raghu makes a mark with some good location pleases the eye..


The story is predictable till the end and the screenplay apart from few scenes of turns..there is nothing interesting in the plot wise or situation wise..

Second half steams back to the usual revenge movie of don and ordinary citizen with heroism…Routine

Logic in some places goes awry …. policemen walks in & out there movie but comes at last as usual to end the movie

Other than that….Jil is not a perfect cooler for summer but still it chills you to a extent without boring or burning you with dialogues…

Verdict: 5.5/10(1 for GopiChand, 1 for Rashikhanna, 1 for Photogrpahy, 1 for Ghibran, 1 for  stunts & . 5 for Direction)

Movie canvas punch : Jil…cool entertainment