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FF7 is something spl…this one last ride….Horror specialist of Saw, Conjuring, Insidious fame James wan, the director and not to forget the last movie of the star Paul walker who died in the car crash last year..SO FF7 how is it???

Cast: Vin diesel, Paul walker, Jason Stathem,Jordana Brewster,Elsa Pataky, Michelle Rodriguez,

Direction : James wan


Movie begins from the last part where Dominic (Vin) reunites with his love Letty (Michelle) but  want to know herself as she lost memories and in selective amnesia..whereas Dominic sister Mia( Jordana) is in awe of second baby waiting to convey the surprise to her hubby and Dominic close buddy Brian(Paul walker)…but all is not well ..Dominic crew member Han killed in Japan by new enemy Shaw(Jason) and also attacks Hobbs(Dwayne) in the head quarters…gunning for the crew, to avenge his brother Owen Shaw death( Previous part villain)….and he even bombs their family house…

SO its time for once again to form a crew and hunt the shadow Shaw who is kind of assassin who is always invisible…there comes the CBI(Kurt Russel) assures Dominic to find Shaw but he gets him a work to save a person named Ramsey(Nathalia) from a terrorist gang, who invented golden eye, which is hi-tech gadget , which makes easy to find person in any corner of world..so Dominic & Brian gets into action saves her, finds Golden eye….did they hunt down Shaw? what happened to the terrorist gang who joined with Shaw?  is told fast and furiously


++ No doubt it is the humongous star cast, addition to the old crew Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle, Jordana, Dwyane, Elsa Pataky and his team….there comes dreadful villain Jason Stathem, Kurt Russel, WWE diva Rhonda Rhousey, Marital art specialist Tony Jaa and Nathalia Emmanuel…every body finds the place in the script..Vin diesel does as usual, with Michelle gets good presence…Jason stathem terrifies the team with his bad shadow villain act…Dwayne looks Macho as usual with his team peppering humorous one lines in most part of movies….Not but not least, Paul Walker was fantastic in his role with brother hood & action scenes makes a great impact on screen..Miss you Paul!!!!!!

++ Action scenes….the movie has some best action scenes & car chases  which lighted up the screen ..high octane and edge of the seat  scenes is the major attraction of the movie…One seque3nc of saving Ramsey in Azerbaijan narrow cliff from the terrorist gang …jumping in cars from air fight planes….is one heck of the action..(15-20min) is feast to the eyes…Paisa worth for this scenes...the climax car shift scenes, Abu dhabi building chases….will make us go gaga…Best of the action in recent times….

++ VFX….no where we have the overdose of VFX, but perfectly handled and presented..in specific the action scenes..good support to action scenes and double of Paul Walker is also fine.

++ Photography is chill in all ways..be it US, the hills of Azerbaijan,  Abu Dhabi and back to LA  just fabulous..the locations and camera angles falls in place which makes the movie shine better…you can experience the camera in chases & stunts

++ Music by Brian Tyler is neat and adds good to the adrenaline pumping action sequences

++ Story and direction…Story focus more on brotherhood, love, relationship, revenge…its all perfect mix …and the director James wan first action movie does finds a place , where the innovative stunts , interesting &fast screen writing , glamor bikini’s, and witty one-liners are good


Logic overdose..is that easy for a terrorist gang to fly a Helicopter above LA city? and so what does the army & air force the best in world doing there???just watching them..destroying city,,,roads,,buildings????Police and officers..where????

the golden eye tech based plot of this movie though interesting, it has some similarities with movie Like DieHard 4, Kings man movie which the tech goes in wrong hand creating chaos all over city…..

Fast and Furious 7…has all the ingredients for the action movie with high octane action scenes & car chases with some emotional moments popping up in the screen..those who loved all the movie in the series will sure have tears in the eyes at the climax scene which is emotional ode to Paul Walker,,, few scenes in the F&F series runs in the screen with final word  of Paul saying ” good bye”…heart -wrenching…. RIP 🙁 Paul Walker…

Verdict:7.5/10( 1 for Paul walker, 1 for cast & performance, 1 for action scenes, 1 for photography, 1 for music, 1 for VFX, 1 for screenplay and .5 for witty lines)

Movie canvas punch: Fast & furious 7…rip!! (Paul) -roaring action ride…