Kanchana 2 movie review

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Muni was above average,w hich started ghosh league after sometime in tamilnadu,, Kanchana was sleeper hit with blockbuster status which proved comedy& horror can gel well..so now Lawrence pitched Kanchana 2…this time it is proven hit….good humour & horror rocked in the movie..

Cast : Raghava lawrence, Nithyamenon, Tapsee, Kovai Sarala

Music :Thaman

Direction : Raghava Lawrence


Ragava( Lawrence) is a cameraman in private tv channel who always fears ghost lives with mom(Sarala) ,is in love with Nandhini(Tapsee), who is director of few episodes in the same channel run by women(Suhassini)..All of the sudden, there no 1 position goes to no 2 , and they find the reason that competetor channel highlighted a new program on god & spirutuality…so to bring back to no 1 positons, they plan to shoot about Ghost & haunting episode…Nandhini is the director of new episode, with the new crew and Ragav they go to deserted beach house in Mahabali puram to shoot the ghost episode

Some strange incidents happens at the shoot, after Nandhini discovers a thaali from the beach…Though she doesn believe in all this..she goes to a hindu priest for the solution..he saves it without trouble as thaali is delivered to aatma ..but curious Nandhini didnt believe this, wants to shoot the real ghost & makes business, take risk with crew as planned by the priest but the whole plan tumbles & ghost comes alive gets in to nandhini..Who is the ghost in Nandhini? who is the other ghost in Ragava? why do they possess them? are revealed in thrilling & smiling seqeunces…..


++ The screenplay of the movie which keeps audeince busy in the seats..with right mix of humour &horror in the right placethe pace never looks dull…there are some scenes which are horrifying ..at the same time scenes which brings roof down..the kovai sarala, renuka episode is just Ha!!Ha!!!!!..the before intermisson scenes is dark & disturbingKudos to Lawrence for the tight screenplay & good direction..He proves that he is fantastic in combining the genre, which is tedious task…

++  The casting and their performanceKovai saral as usual does her antics & her onelines in between ghost will literally makes us laugh..she does it with aplomb, then it is Sriman,Manobala, sams, Madhumitha, pooja, Motta Rajendran, Renuka….they all did a pat job in the movie

++ Ragava lawrence as a actor good & neat..the tranformation of oldie, child, mental & motta siva is example of his performance..he is damn good in the scared role of Ragava with fear & love expressions…

++ Nithya menon is at top notch..though cliche role, she standout with her performance of Handicapped role..eyes speaks volumes with this lady..give her any role she shines…easily the best saving grace of ordinary flash back is Nithya menon

++ Tapsee looks white & glamorous in song..

++ The first half of the movie goes in rapid pace with couple of songs & great smiling /dark episodes…unadultrated entertainment

++ Background score by Thaman is good & add to the proceedings with the humming in ghost scenes  is fantastic..motta paya song by him, and other melody by other musician are pick of the album

++ Photography does neat job ,joining hands with editing assures the audiecne the thrill-frill stay

++ VFX in the movie fares better than the previous sequels...the ghosh haunting scenes, the house episodes are fantastic..with climax reaching the peak..


The last 40 min of the movie gets into the normal stage, with ordinary flashback without intriguing plot..movie just passes as the other revenge saga..

— Lot of similarities in scenes presentation with Kanchan & muni movies, though script tighted…we can see some similarities..the story of revenge by ghost is also tedious…

Tapsee inept / over /dumb acting in a significant role is big minus…in the ghosh possessed scenes, she just merely save d by the make up, with constipated epxressions..some other could have done great justification…

Though VFX is Mirattal, Climax could have been better..its just a copy, edit of Man of steel movie climax….

Over all , Kanchana 2 is gonna sure lapped up by all class audience with family & kids giving thumbs up..perfect summer entertainment ……

Verdict: 6.5/10 (1 for Lawrence & nithya menon, 1 for cast performance, 1 for humour, 1 for photography & VFX, 1 for first half, 1 for screenplay & direction, .5 music )

Movie canvas Punch: Kanchana 2…audience haunted…

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