Mad max Posters-MadMax

Reboot of MAd max starring Mel gibson before 30 years…what now it has ?big budget, big action, new stars…VFX…Directed by George Miller, termed to be cult classic…breaks the myth of hollywood that reboot movie are not blockbuster….Madmax Fury is worth the wait can be termed as best  edge of the seat action the last decade

Cast : Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, Rosie Huntington,Hughe Keys Byrne

Direction: George Miller


Story kicks of in future, post apocalyptic world where Max(Tom Hardy) lost his wife & son…and survives in the world like a lone wolf..Citadel is only place in the world surrounded by desert & dust ruled by Immortan Joe (Hughe Keys Byrne) who is called as demi-god & few controls oil & water….MAx unfortunaltly caught in the tyrannised citadel and has been used as blood bank for citadel soldiers, who lives to die for thier Demi god..

Then movie kicks of where Furiosa(Charlize) who wants to get back to her home, not knowing it has long gone is chased by entire strenght of warlords, with Immortan joe …Furiosa and five pleasure women, who are breeders of warlord, escapes in Giant truck With Rosie Huntington is his they dont want this slave life & breeding machine of Citadel…In the chase Max escapes ,joins with FUriosa& others, comes to know the real reason, and Furiosa dreams…with a citadel solidier…run towards green land…after few chases, Furiosa comes to know that it has been long destroyed from few of her people who are alive…but then MAx has dangerous yet the only survival plan to kill the warlord, and control Citadel..carry on some good activities to saves the rest of people in the world..What is the plan? did Furiosa Agrees or part away? five women caught or not? did they kill warlord?…reveals with adrenalin pumping action scenes…..


++ It is the pulsating action which takes us to the edge of the seat..Never seen stunts, with a different plot is biggest attraction of the movie...souped cars,dust biting chases, rubber scratchers, metals, porcupiune wheels, …From the scene 1 to scene is fully loaded with action, chases, guns & stunts..Breathless action..goosebumps presentaion of stunts are the highlights…..THe initial chase of Charlize, the bike & porcupine car chase in desert, the night wheel stuck scenes, the grand climax…action scenes are enjoyed to the core has it does not have titling shots, long shot…MAd max ..MAximum Action….

++ The strong perfromances Tom Hardy as MAx is meticulous and Macho..He is strong & excels in action  scenes, as well as other departments..Charlize is the next wonder, she has more impotance than Tom, with bald head, handicapped role..she carries the dream warrior role with aplomb..Rosie huntington, Nicholas hoult and the veteran Byrne stands out..with action taking front seat..these performances makes the movie work wonder

++ VFX..Magic..we cannot diffferntiate which is real and which is VFX..It is splendid!!!!well used in action scenes and the art work of Citadel needs special mention

++ Photography is fast , captured well the action shots..with dusty tone lens…is aggressive..the best part of the movie which makes us to watch with some dry & dusty location

++ Music is had some rock strings played..and sinks well with pace of the movie..raw instruments with guitar man tied  in the war wheel, strumming guitar with speaker set ..the background is perfect..just Perfect!!!!

++ Dark humour..Dont forget to enjoy some witty onelines & humour throughout the movie…Nicholas hoult character & few scenes are auite enjoyable..

++ Geroge miller , the director of cult classic, as succeeded greatly in rebooting his classic..which made merry…THis time he proves that, reboots will be successful, when retaining the plot with great  VFX & star cast-crew..

++ Lightning pace runs for 2 hrs that too at great speed & interesting scenes…is the biggest plus…


Few would not like the non-stop acton scenes..always kicking, flying , car tumbling, the desert atmosphere.…nothing emotional or say colorful…you dont have time to relax in your seat….action at top

— Charlize theron rivalry on Immortan Joe is not justified , as it passes in few dialgoues…the enemity on the screen was not detailed or  lack s depth.


Mad max : fury road…is all set for the action, stunts, chase lovers who want whole movie loaded with High voltage action ….edge Tip of the seat or top of the seat action flick..The best action movie with unique stunt choregraphy in the last ten years…say after Matrix, Die hard series

Verdict: 8/10 ( 2 for action scenes & innovative stunts, 1 for Tom Hardy, 1 for Charlize & strong performances,1 for music, 1 for photography, 1 for VFX, 1 for direction&Screenplay)

Movie canvas Punch: Mad Max….Furious & powerful dynamite..