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Balupu fame Gopichand Malneni-energetic star Ram Pandaga Chesko is usual routine fare with lots of seen materials..despite a year gap, good cast & crew movie falls on normal story of uniting family members, but has its fun &glam factor..

Cast : Ram, Rakul Preeth Singh, Sonal Chauhan, Brahmi,Sai, Sampath

Music:  Thaman. S

Direction ;  Gopichand Malineni


Karthik(Ram) young & rich entrepreneur  lives in Portugal with his family…Anuskha(Sonal Chauhan) a business tycoon in Portugal needs to marry an Indian to save her assets else it goes to father’s charity..meets Karthick through Weekend Venkat Rao( Brahmi)..Karthik accepts marriage & also business proposal…but then Ram needs to go to India to save his chemical factory, meets Divya(Rakul Preeth) a member of green army who put case on his factory…

On the other , Divya’s father (Sampath) and god father(Sai) searches for her, as she left house with sorrow..on common enemy of them wants to kidnap Divya to avenge death of his brother…Did Divya love Karthick? Karthick here to save the chemical factory or some other mission? What happened to Anushka? all revealed in old fashion with some good comedy, glamour & nice dialogues…


++ Energetic performance from Ram as his title says..looks handsome, superb dance moves, electrifying in stunts, improved lot in acting & comic timing department…After some string of flops,Ram could breath fresh…

++ Rakul Preeth singh looks beautiful & does her routine role of Telugu ammai without flaws..good in songs..

++  Hot Sonal Chauhan….Though her role is little, careless character sketch, average acting..she sizzles  in screen ….oozes glamour in songs & scenes.. spicy bikini seconds &skimpy clothes in beach song assures her place for some time in the industry…attracting element !!!!

++  Brahmi..the man from the beginning to end makes  audience sit & laugh in theaters for this average/routine fare...he is the real hero of the movie, and he does take this movie quite fantastic with his antics  & expressions

++ Cast…Sampath & Sai done good job..with Ms Narayana, Vennela kishore, Seethama spoofs, Tejeswini makes some impressions

++ Photography is cool & colorful especially the Portugal locations & songs..

++ Thaman’s couple of songs are foot tapping and hit numbers..” You are my darling” is peppy & well shot, ” pandaga chesko” is massy

++ Dialogues are good & few one liners are scream..Comedy is the main highlight of the movie

++ 1st half maintains some freshness till the interval block…movie though follows routine, it doesn’t bore us

++ Dance choreography is superb in all the songs..elegant & class


Movie has old, older oldest story plot which needs immediate evacuation from the industry…the plot of uniting the family by NRI guy needs stop point….

— Screenplay of Kona venkar& gopi  though good, it follows the regular template & logic loops..foolish characterization of villains…nothing is interesting or say new to the screenplay

Mirchi, Govindudu andhervade, recent Son of Satyamurthy etc…churning out this stuff is getting bored….& lot of similarities ..with few other movies like Attarentiki darendi, dhee, ready…..Gopichand played safe, but not in mere future

Cliche climax  reminds power star in AD movie 

Thaman’s bgm could have fetched few more pep to the movie

Pandaga Chesko...Ram flick after  a year may not be the box office disaster but not thumping victory too…Ram, rakul, cast, Sonal glamour and comedy saves this festival..

Verdict: 5/10( 1 for Ram, 1 for Sonal’s  glamour, 1 for comedy, 1 for photography, 1 for dialogues & Rakul )

Movie canvas punch : Pandaga Chesko…routine festival….