Indru Netru Naalai tamil movie review

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From the house of CV kumar here comes one more out of box theme movie..a new floor of time travel in tamil commercial format..of love & villain..With mundasupatti, fame vishnu-karunakaran directed by ravikumar is fantastic ride..

Cast : VIshnu VIshal, Mia George, Karunakaran

Music: Hip hop Aadhi

direction: R Ravikumar


It starts in future of 2065 where a scientist (Arya) finds a time travel machine, tests it before his head by sending a dog on 14th feb goes to 2015 and connection gets lost…2015 in chennai, before 2 days of time travel machine, we come to see two friends Elango(Vishnu) and Puli veti Aarumugam( Karuna)..Elango is unemployed youth who has lot of dreams and business idea but not getting the time ..he also  loves Anu(Mia) who is millaniore daughter..Arumugam is astrologer, who doesn’t have single customer to run the show…one fine day, Elango insulted in Anu dad office in a meeting friends both of them go for the booze and see a crack engineer Parthasarathy and the lost time machine in future..

Elango and Arumaugam comes to know about the machine through the crazy engineer.. alas he goes to coma due to small the middle a ruthless Don Kulanthai velu(Ravi Shankar) who wants piece of share from the real estate business tycoon, who is none other Anu father dies in encounter …After they get the machine, their minds flashes few ideas..and they go on attaining there dreams through time machine..they get money, fame, even the lover..which engagement does finished..Elango reveals it to the lover Anu the time machine..but one incident which occurs due to the fault of Arumugam at time travel alters their smooth life..what is the incident? did they use the machine for their purpose or left it down? what happened to anu &Family?..its all revealed in absolute hilarious way and few emotional moments here & there..


++ It is wholesome screenplay which keeps us glued to the seats..the time travel machine story, and its desi style of Astro, love & villain penned with humours scenes & smacking oneliners are absolute it the first half, or second goes Vroooommmm…especailly the gold buying scenes, the gandhi time, lost & found things, the cute romance,the baby birth scenes, the pre interval scenes and the climax are treat..with some intelligence & emotions boosted in the screen..INN is winner all t he way..kudos to Director & screen writer Ravikumar for unique idea

++ Vishnu vishal played his character neat and subtle paying way to Karuna and all.He is doing good by choosing apt movies..good  with emotions scenes & timing lines are getting improved day by day…good luck Vishnu…

++ Mia George is tall, cute & cuddly..though her character is limited, she looks fresh like flowers in screen

++ Karunakaran is the real hero of the movie..he makes audience go berserk as Pulivetti Arumugam..his antics, timing lines, his pout & boiled egg expressions comes at great..emotion scenes comes handy to this guy…Karunakaran firms his presence intamil industry

++ Photography is clean and clear with  streets of chennai captured in appealing manner

++ Editing needs lots of work and editor has exceled in it..his cuts makes audience watch the film without confusion..special bouquet to the editor..

++ Cast & performance is good..Jaya prakash, RaviShankar, T.M karthick as partha stands out

++ BGM fits the sci-fi movie and couple of songs add pep as it moves around the story..Hip Hop Aadhi..good work

++  Oneliners & the screenplay of the movie assures you some heavy laughs & good soulful scenes are fine


The cliche villain & his real estate don avatar is routine in the movie..may be a flaw..a different characterisation of Villain would have made some more fuel to the movie

— few logics on time travel scenes!!!??? may be sci-fi things are little over the top imagination

But then..these cannot stop the fun element of the movie..Indru Netru Naalai will sure steal the hearts of family goers, and fun loving audience

Verdict: 7/10(1 for vishnu& Mia, 1 for Karunakaran, 1  for cast & performance, 1 for out of box theme, 1 for screenplay, 1 for  hilarious oneliners& BGM , 1 for photography & direction)

Movie canvas PunchIndru Netru Naalai…blissful time travel ride..go for it!!!!


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