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Prince Mahesh Babu desperately need a hit after two

debacle Nenokkadine and Aagadu box office disaster..Koratala siva of Mirchi fame comes out with message oriented family action drama with Prince has all the template of becoming box office hit

Cast: Mahesh Babu, Shruthi Hassan, Rajendra prasad, Jagapathi babu

Music: Devi Sri Prasad

Direction: Koratala Siva


Ravi Kanth(Jagapathi babu) a billionaire and CEO of RK group companies. He wants his Son Harsha(Mahesh Babu) to take over the business empire, but he is interested in social service and love simple life. He meets Charuseela(SHruthi) falls for charm and joins her collage  in a rural development course to know more about agriculture and villages.. Slowly both  loves as they have similar thoughts but after knowing that Harsha is son of Rich man, she avoids..Harsha comes for clarification, and he comes to know that his father land is Devakota a small village in Andhra, where Ravikant was born , left  people..and she is none other than daughter of Narayanan(RAjendra prasad) who is head of village & loves agriculture & friend of RaviKanth

The village tank is grabbed by a local rowdy Sasi(sampath) who is right hand of central minister, where all river water is used for his beer factory rather than purpose of Agri or village development..Harsha decides to do something for his village & bring back pride of his father..He goes to Devarkota as research student without informing parents & Charu..Did Harsha objectives  achieved? did Charu comes to know real love of Harsha? goondas & Sasi confrontation succeed or not? is all Srimanthudu


++ None other than Prince Mahesh..Effortless it the stylish body language on stunts & delivering lines, improved dance steps, subtle emotions, Charismatic screen presence & captivating smile..He does the one man show..Without Prince sure, this movie would be run of the mill stuff…He makes us scream in theaters with his looks & act...real Srimanthudu in hearts of people…

++ Shruthi  improved bounds & leaps in acting & dance department..looks beautiful and glamorous in songs

++ Jagapathi babu is one other actor who brings some freshness in dad’s role…silently scores in the son-father meet specific the phone call from Mahesh  & climax in the hospital..He proved that he is genuine of cast are good with Rajendra prasad hit the bulls eye with simple & good show…

++ First half has some good moments like lead pair romance, the couple of confrontation scenes, the wedding & pre interval fight, Srimanthudu song, few emotions, a Charuseela song…

++ Madhie photography captures the location & emotions with better lighting & shots.Fight sequence lighting are impressive…

++ DSP couple of songs like Charuseela, SRimanthudu,  & Jaago are well shot & good to ears..Background score catches the mood of heroism

++ Koratala siva direction & screen writing is clean, simple with good message ..No vulgar, violence or crass comedy..deserves a applause for directing a good family drama laced with emotion dialogues

++ Dance choreography is good for most of the songs ..Raju Sundaram,Dhinesh etc have done good job

++ Stunts by Anal Arasu are done in manner to attract fans..the wedding fight& the pre interval fights are conceived superbly..


Second half could have been lapped up fans but honestly is drags a bit with slow narration & predictable scenes..

Cliche villains & the abrupt climax fight with some unbelievable heroism may not go quite well with common audience

Second half looses its steam ..goes away with plot..that too in one song all good things happen to is nothing but just heroism..heroism. last 20 -25  min , we see three fights consecutively....detailing of some village scenes with emotions are missing…

Editing is lazy…could have easily trimmed 15 min..

Movie could have had some meaningful humor which would have moved in brisk pace

With such superb & huge cast..there has not been enough space given to actors..Suganya, Rahul Ravindran, Sanam Shetty, ALi & Vennela Kishore(wasted), Thulasi etc

Srimanthudu, is clean family-action drama with regular template of masala, predictable scenes..Prince comes back strongly but not a Earth shattering movie..

Verdict:6/10 ( 1 for Prince, 1 for Shruthi , 1 for Jagapathi Babu& big cast, 1 for first half, 1 for Photography, 1 for direction& good message)

Movie canvas Punch: Srimanthudu.. Must for Fans, one time for film goers