Kick-2-Movie-Latest-Posters6 Kick-2-Latest-Posters4Kick which created magic in box-office with Raviteja-Surendra reddy combo..was all in the news when the sequel announced that too produced by NandamurariKalyan ram…Did the movie live up to the expectations??

Cast: RaviTeja, Rakul Preeth, Brahmanandam, RaviKishan

Music: Thaman

Direction: Surendra Reddy


Starts with Kick movie scenes, then joins sequel that Kick (Ravi Teja) lives in America with his son Robin(RaviTeja) , a doctor who go berserk if somebody disrupts his comfort..He goes to India, to solve a land dispute..Meets Pandit Ravi Teja (Brahmi) & Chaitra (Rakul)…Chaitra falls in love with  Robin  for his unique ideology & dare devil attitude, but Robin doesn’t , as he may loose his comfort. In a local MLA confrontation, a native of  Vilaspur, Bihar  sees his attitude,  plans to bring Robin to their village as the  people are kept  slave by Suleiman Singh(Ravi Kishan) & gets killed if they are against him.

After the land dispute got solved, Robin heads back US, leaving Chaitra & her love in vain…but all of the sudden  gets a spark for her..when he goes back, meet Chaitra, she gets kidnapped to Vilaspur ..Now Robin lands  Vilaspur to find the kidnappers & get back his love ..did he succeeds? did Village people plans of bringing Robin reaped results?  what is the connection between Suleiman & Robin? are revealed in full of commercial & emotions in screen


++ Mass Maharaja is the undoubted strength of the movie Kick..He is lean with physique, dances better, and he is a live wire in performance..though looked little dull..his energetic punches, performances, & impeccable comic timing are fantastic…Terrific screen presence laced with good emotions & delivery of lines show that he shoulders the whole movie …”Mass Raja, Ravi Teja”

++ Rakul looks beautiful as Chaitra ..both as village belle &modern girl she does justice to role, which is main point of the movie turn..crackling chemistry with Mass maharajah in songs & scenes

++ Brahmi keeps the whole first half engaged with his one liners & buffoon antics( drum beats in his head!!) ..he is too good with Ravi teja as both are excellent in comedy

++  Superb cast with Tanikala bharani, Ravi Kishan, and few excel in movie

++ Thaman has given some thumping background which elevates mass scenes to  bigger level..couple of songs  ” Mummy “, “Kick” are good to ears &eyes

++ Manoj Paramahamsa last seen in Race gurram, is back with some extra ordinary photography for the commercial movie..the eagle eye shots of the  palace, the dusty Bihar village,the foreign locations are completely catchy with different color tones..Marvelous

++  first half is good with good comedy,songs & some mass scenes…few emotional scenes in second half are the sparrow , & villagers sacrifice episode

++ Good Technical &  rich production values...


— Movie though high with emotions & actions scenes, it levitra price uk uae lacks the quality of Kick movie comedy & entertainment values..

Length of the movie where the story is not new is also big drawback (2 hrs 50min)

There are no enough twist & turns to keep the audience entertained..not alone the twist..script moves with predictable pace & scenes…we may have similar or already seen sequences , but lacks some thing which doesn’t stay in hearts

Editing is just fair could have been given cuts easily in the post interval scenes

Lot of movies come across in terms of Kuruvi(tamil),Chatrapathi, Vikramarkudu etc..of saving village people

Over the top stunts though shot nicely..gets boring due to rope & fly kicks.

Kick 2 has crossed expectations only to certain extent & doesn’t fulfill the Kick movie content…but can watch once if you enjoy masala movies….or say time pass movies

Verdict:4.5/10 ( 1 for Ravi Teja, 1 for DOP, 1 for Music, 1 for comedy & few mass scenes, .5 for Rakul & cast)

Movie Canvas Punch:  Kick 2.. Comfort Koncham, Kick Leddu…