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Jeyam Raja now Mohan Raja,

director and his brother Jeyam Ravi actor is well known in the industry for their hit combos…Five movie together is all a remake, but this time Raja comes on his own story & writing with Subha on board with Ravi gives out a sparkling action drama trends to be a blockbuster…

Cast :Jeyam Ravi, Nayanthara, Arvaindsamy, Mugdha Godse,Ganesh Venkatram

Music: Hip hop Aadhi

Direction: Mohan Raja


Mithran (Jeyam Ravi) is upright IPS officer who wants to safeguard the natives in his town..He is calm/composed who aspires to become a great policeofficer, who believes in the saying..tell me about your enemy, i will tell your capacity..he and his four true friends do some good acts & finds out master mind criminals..but all othem released in the next day…Mahima(Nayanthara), who loves Mithran for his ideology & his attitude, proposes but Due to his    other missions, he rejects..though she follows..

Mithran comes to know that all the small crimes & petty ones comes under organised big scam which is run by three man invovled in drug mafia, land &real estates, medical, business etc…But then in a shock, he comes to know that there is one man behind all this crime in country Siddharth Abimanyu(Aravind samy) who is a business tycoon with medical research & other business..a padmashri awarded scientist is cunning &selfish who goes to any extreme to achieve things…pure evil guy..Mithran selects him, underestimates his potential, and due to that he looses a foreginer & close to dead….Siddharath is quite interested about this guy..then comes the cat & mouse, good vs evil ..who pulls out? how brilliant they are? and how did the climax shape? is all gritty& brilliant …


++ Its writer Suba -Mohan raja clever writing & the story..the presentation of the movie & the narration of the scenes are wonderful..there is no lag of single moment in the only 2 songs to the space…there are lots of memorable scenes in the movie like Ravi love proposal, Bug detectors, Ravi finding Siddharth visit, Aravind samy in the hospital lifts, killing his friend brutally, the SD card clues, the climax are nothing short of brilliance..Mind &word games at the best in recent times…

++ The dialogues have enough punch & delivered in the way to bring applause from the audience..also projects the reality & hitting hard on hidden truth of business man, big crimes under small crimes..Raja has done some great research & worked hard..that too first time his story&!!!Remarkable &talented..Expecting much like this Raja…

++ Jeyam Ravi fits superb in the aspiring officer role.. toned, flexes muscle at the same time looks calm & stubborn in his attitude..well brought emotions at the right place..Voice & dialogue delivery had major changeover…deserves Ravi a special bouquet…Best of Ravi’s

++ The real hero??it is Aravind samy ..His characterization of devil attitude ,which looks  glamorous & attractive..then there is sign of blockbuster fest…Back with Bang..he is at his ease, effortless, charming , beard & grooming, the costumes, the dialogue styling, the climax guts, the body language are all amazing..the best villain or the characterization in the recent times and Aravind samy is in terrific form..audience loved him after long time..for his smart &suave looks even after a decade..welcome back!!!!..without him movie is  short of super hit status!!!! Oozing cruelty in villanism with style…

++ Nayanthara looks young & studious ..her matured performance comes out at times..has done some good acting..with Mugdha Godse also delivering good as Aravind samy Girlfriend..

++ Fantastic cast & their convincing performance is other highlight of the movie..Thambi Ramaiah, Ganesh venkatram, Harish Uttaman, the Kerala friend etc .. all  have done justice to the role..Thambi ramaiah timing humor will leave us in splits in the serious action drama..a relief

++ The last film to be shot in film roles..Ramji camera wrok bring s all the grandeur of sets in the duet songs, the buildings, the night effects, the Chennai city are crystal sharp..the kadhal cricket song is shot beautiful  in scenaric Missouri location

++ Editing is razor sharp…the cuts shots, the split sequences are well handled..that is not the forte of Raja movies

++  Hip hot Aadhi 2 songs are good which doesn’t hindrance the pace, and even his background score leaped to greater heights which ensure the movie pace with theme music & some decorative BG..Kudos!!

++ Stunts by siva is fine, which had some intensity..the night chase are shot quite effective

++ Movie had a strong plot with a social message..well woven in the script with dose of intelligent writing & characterization…

++ Rich production & technical values..great work from the crew


Hard to find the weakness in the jet paced movie run..nothing really…if so..

One of song which details the Mithran & siddharath qualities in montage with some high paced tune would have been added advantage…

Thani oruvan…no unwanted romance, comedy, violence, double entrants, unnecessary songs or punches…Rare commercial gem of movie with style &substance  which is highly recommended for all kind of audience..with Raja-Ravi-Aravindsamy deadly combo sure striking gold in box office

Verdict: 8/10 ( 1 for Aravind samy, 1 for Jeyam ravi, 1 for cast &performance, 1 for photography, 1 for music, 1 for Subha, writer, 1 for screenplay& story, 1 for

Raja’s direction & crew)

Movie canvas punch: Thani Oruvan..Riveting and  Royal