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First Puli is not historical war movie..it is fantasy adventurous flick..and mass hero like Vijay doing Puli..is surprising/challenging..Chimbudevan known for fantasy, Sri Devi after 25 years in south India..what Puli is all about

Cast : Vijay, Shruthi Hassan, Hansika, Sri devi, Sudeep

Music : Devi Sri Prasad

Direction: Chimbudevan


Small baby travels in the river, saved and raised by Ayya(Prabhu) and names him as Marthuveeran..but the village people are not happy as they are ruled by dangerous and evil queen  of Vedhala kottai YamanaRani(Sri Devi) and his commander (Sudeep)..they torture people and kill.. Grown up Marutha veeran(Vijay) lost his lovable Ayya in a fight and they kidnap her love-wife PavalaVazhi(Shruthi) whom he loves from childhood..

Marutha veeran travels with two of his friends to find Her love and save the kingdom, with a secret medicine, where he can change as their vedalam man & get super power like Queen & commander..,but only for 8 min….soon they come to meet Lilliput, with couple of Lilliputs & their help he travels ,and saves princess from panther who is none other than daughter of Yamana rani..soon they reach Vedhala Kottai, in name of medical doctor….but commander gets the doubt of Maruthaveeran , is he a real Vedhalam..soon with few incidents, there comes twist, reveals a secret of Queen…does he save his love interest? what is the secret?did he save kingdom? is all revealed with some brilliant VFX ,visuals& not boring screenplay….


++ Thalapathy Vijay as Maruthaveeran is full of energy & charisma…He quite sticks to the movie plot rather than his style..adapted to director style..dances like waves…&crackling chemistry with Hassan…stunts, romance, comedy...does his job with hard work…

++ Sridevi..return of her in south India is bang with some great introduction…fabulous costumes & evil queen makeup..her voice dubbing are just fantastic…Queenly presence with mesmerizing performance

++ Shruthi Hassan…Drop-dead gorgeous in the village belle costumes with toned body & decent act..Good chemistry with Vijay..Reveals her voluptuous figure & curvaceous body in “Yendi Yendi ” song…super hot & glam treat.

++ Hansika looks exquisite in the princess costume with limited space

++ Sudeep as evil commander does his role neat & doesn’t go overboard..kudos to the actor

++ Casting is big…with Roboshankar, Imman annachi, THambi ramaiah shines well with few good oneliners

++ Natty photography is visual treat..be it he long valley shots, or Yendi yendi & sottavalle song picturisation..the evil palace & the locations..real hero of the movie..which makes it more attractive with colors & shots…

++ VFX & animations are at top notch..with giant Talking tortoise, Speaking bird, the bridge, frog, the one-eye giant man, the magical things, Lilliputs …etc few more there are just created without flaws..and the animations are not childish& irritating..Big cheers to VFX team for their hard work…

++ Second half & 30 min before Pre interval screenwriting is good ..ensures the pace though story is old & old…

++ DSP shines super in BGM ..good work…” Yendi Yendi” song sung by lead pair is pick of album

++ Sets & costumes deserve special mention.

++ Dance by Sridhar & Raju is elegant..Puli Puli song& sottavalle..dance treat from VJ, Shruthi Hassan simple hip shakes by Raju master is sensual…

++ Chimbu devan vision of making Fantasy movie & sticks very well to the genre…fine work with mix of all elements …


Big disappointment is the first 30 min..apart from Vijay dance & shruthi’s glam..it is tedious..movie takes some time to establish the plot..Though they share good screen chemistry..it is tedious with dumb humor & stretched scenes in first half an hour till song& kidnap…

DSP songs are very average though Vijay & Shruthi saves to a extent..it is not up to the mark..Some other could have done some justice….

The story line & few fantasy things are old & already better in televisions & cartoons…it could have been interesting…

Scissors in first half would do some breathing for the movie..that too comedy, Prabhu scenes, Flashback too….

— Though the movie has all elements of romance, action,glamour, comedy, visuals..it has Dejavu sense ...

Still, Puli will be lapped up by family &kids to the core, not by so called commercial fans /racy movie loversEver energetic Vijay, Enticing Shruthi, spectacular Visuals & VFX, Return of Sridevi & rich production values..but something missing!!!!

Verdict: 5.5/10 ( 1 for Vijay, .5  Shruthi glam,1 for Sri Devi & production values, . 5 for BGM, 1 for VFX & animations, 1 for Photography, .5 for cast&  second half)

Movie canvas punch: Puli…roaring entertainment for kids & family