Anushka's Rudramadevi Tamil Movie First Look Poster.

Movie was on long time in making & production works, dates have been periodically changed for the release and at last it sees the limelight & has good expectation , because of Anuskha & historical story of Queen who ruled Andhra in 12th is bilingual & a dream project of does the movie fare…

Cast : Anuskha,Allu Arjun, NithyaMenon, Catherine, Prakash Raj

Music : Illayaraja

Direction: Gunasekar


It happens in the 12th century a king named Ganapathi deva ruling Kakkatya kingdom is all in worries as they don’t have kin to takeover the kingdom as all the enemies & even their relatives wait for the time to capture the big, wealthy kingdom..The people of the Kakkatya kingdom are happy when they  come to know queen has given birth to baby..and they were expecting a prince but god has other plans ..its princess…considering the danger prevailing for their citizens & kingdom, Shivadevaiah(Prakash raj), minister reveals princess Rudramma devi (Anushka) as Prince Rudradeva to world..

They grow Her as man & even she doesn’t know  the fact…learns all the tactics & grows with all qualities of king..sooner she comes to know that she is women, and hidden plans of the king to save people…she dons

the prince costumes, and she even marries a girl Mukthambika(Nithya Menon) for the world to believe..On the night time, she enjoys her freedom as girl & falls in love with VeeraBhardra(Rana) who is prince of neighbor king..sooner the secret comes to know through spy…on the other side,Gonna Ganna Reddy( Allu Arjun) a warrior who is people man is on the verge to kill Rudradeva…now the enemies, cunning relatives and even the people comes to know the truth..and Rudramma devi throws down power & gets out of the kingdom,as punishment for cheating people& ministers for 25 years…Did the enemies attack the kingdom without a leader?what did the people & enemies do? how come Rudramma devi convinced & gets back to war ? what is Gonna  Reddy role??is all revealed in dull, bullish way…


+ None other than Anuskha  actress should have played the role with aplomb..the height, the body language, her costumes , the way she presents her as a prince, the voice modulation and her beauty ..that speaks about the caliber of actor..She portrays the Rudramma Queen fabulosly and we feel the real queen would be like Anuskha…special kudos to her on horse rides and knife spins..which is perfect in most of the scenes..Hard work in fights & fantastic emotions make this lady a real Queen of actress..

+ Allu ARjun as Gonna Reddy steals with his screen presence & the dialogues which uttered by him gets  applause from the audience..He makes the screen sparkling with his presence & comes out with terrific performance..Apart from these two, Prakash raj,NithyaMenon makes a mark..

+ Photography is good specific the climax war scenes of Eagle & Snake

+  Art work is fair enough in songs & few scenes

+  The big plus is the story which has happened in 12th century, had lot of opportunities to wove than interesting screenplay..but it is not…kudos to director to reveal to the modern world about Rudramma Devi the only queen to rule Andhra till date..


With the great story, which has goosebumps plot..the lethargic script & bad direction pulls the movie to the dust..Script though takes the cue from the true story, fails to capitalize on the racy & cinematic facts...For instance, Most of the sequences in the movie is all revealed in dialogues rather than scene detailing..All the important facts& nail-biting scenes just crosses with dialogues..pages… pages of lines & all the characters shout like nothing in the movie is just bad..

For eg, when the people,minister comes to know it is not prince but princess after 25 years, it could have been revealed with a interesting tit bits, & tight sequences but just like that minister says she is princess & not prince..even they don’t react hearing the news..& terrible thing is next day she is to be throned as queen in midst of people, doesn’t mind how country will take this surprise, there comes a Andhapuram song where all ladies dancing , waiving their waist..Enna Kodumai..

Terrible acting from the cast..Apart from the top league actors, the side actors as ministers, and kingdom citizens, soldiers..they are more than wooden..sleep walking ,doesn’t show any interest when the camera roles..Dumb, dumber..Aditya Menon & Suman are like caricaturist, just sitting in balcony all times & plans ridiculous like Tv Seriels

Lethargic Characterization by director Gunasekar..the dumb Hamsanandhini as Spy, Rana’s  & Catherine Tresa worthless role, inept villain & his presence(Just shouting!! shouting!!last dying!!) intensity in any character..Even Rudrammadevi..who is known for intelligence, management skills, Water linking strategist…movie misses the greatness &adventurous side of queen, but just passing dialogues & more concentration on Prince- Princess swap…

Very below average songs & Background score from Maestro Illayaraja..It is not up to the standard of the legend & background score significance for historical movie is well known but its not up to the mark…the lifting scenes & war scenes could have been better..

Actions & war fights are badly choreographed…even  Anuskha’s efforts goes in vain with tacky  body language & crappy expression – rope scenes

All the characters in the movie talking!!just talking!!! all the time or that important scenes which needs some racy following brings us  dull -dry moment….

Some times, sets & costumes look amateurish..especially the enemy fort & ships in the beginning scenes looks childish..even the TV Mahabharata looks good in most of scenes…

Spineless VFX & tacky Graphics spoils the movie grandeur & rich production values..even few horse riding scenes used graphics…very bad use & not perfect pitch near to Bahubali or even recent Fantasy Puli

Editing could have been more sharper…unwanted songs, duet in wrong places spoils the historical plot

— More concentration on Graphics & technical but pretty bad on screenwriting & characterization

Rudramma Devi.. superb Screen presence of Sweety & bunny & the Story of Kakkatya dynasty  goes in vain as all other departments makes this movie a colossal bore..

Verdict : 2.5 (1 for Anuskha, 1 for interesting story and few scenes, &.5 for Allu Arjun)

Movie canvas Punch :  RudrammaDevi..captivating story, terrible presentation