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Goli soda fame Vijay Milton,director and Chiyaan vikram together in new road movie 10 Endrathukulla was raising the expectation after stylish trailer cuts & cute one liners..what is there with Vikram after I?

Cast : Vikram, Samantha, Pasupathy

Music :Imman

Direction & photography : Vijay Milton


Hero(Vikram) who doesn’t have any name in the movie is a driving trainer in a how quickly does tadalafil work driving school & on the parallel side he does some dangerous activities for money because to save her sister who is in coma….Dass( Pasupathy) who is thief involved in stealing diamonds , gold, hawala money gets a new job from Uttrakand to kidnap a girl..Hero on the other side meets Shakila(Samantha) who is chatterbox & fails miserably in driving test comes to our hero’s  school for driving..

Dass finds the girl, that is none other than Shakila..unfortunately, Hero gets in the middle

of events &  hero travels with Shakila to deliver the parcel without knowing the parcel is none other than cute girl ..on the road, they get to know each other, falls in love..after couple of days he comes to know the truth..Did he leave Shakila to Notorious gang in Uttrakand or he saves the love of life? why do they need Shakila? what is the purpose? is all 10 Endrathukulla…..


++ Chiyaan is fresh as he looks super cool with job-to do guy…street smart role fits well with Chiyaan..Delivers in stunts & simple expressions..romantic looks are class to watch…After much hard work in I, Vikram comes with out &out as commercial runner..he does it with elan..

++ Samantha role of Shakila is cute & grabbed the challenging role ..performed good with childish antics & her baby doll smile.. which has Genelia hangover…Samantha has a surprise for audience nearing the climax..she looked gorgeous as usual

++ Rest of cast is fine with Pasupathy delivers a notable performance as Dass..

++ Photography by the director itself, is the biggest plus for the movie..it captures the beauty of hilly regions, bridges, rivers & beauty of Uttrakhand ..from Chennai to North..road movie is good watch because of eye candy photography..

++ Imman’s song ” Vroom” & ” Annalum Intha” is good to watch & listen..BGM by Joseph adds tempo..

++Movie run time is just 2 plus hr & credit goes to Sreekar prasad for crispy cuts which doesn’t take us to boring thoughts

++ Few scenes like Sisters accident, after interval scenes are good  & funny one liners evoke laughter


A  movie with a very thin story line..that too only gets going at last 30 min..till then it just goes like road journey without reason &that too not impressive…

Follows the regular cliche of road movie & dialogues…the unwanted Dhaba song, Orphan dialogues, love feels at climax, shouting Villains…etc

Uttrakhand riot & killings for caste is not detailed …as it forms the crux of the story.it should have been fared better..climax Samantha spinning knife doesn’t fits the role of leader Or say killer…

— Though movie doesn’t bore, there is nothing new or interesting events to be carried till the twisted climax..not gripping enough & does have Dejavu feel in the scenes passing..

Few characters like Pasupathy left idle in climax, the sister role..etc..because the movie doesn’t travel with strong story

or say writing..

10 Endrathukulla movie could have been a memorable road movie but falls to the floor because of average screenplay without much surprise in the script bank

Verdict: 4.5/10 ( 1 for Vikram, 1 for Photography& locations, 1 for Samantha, 1 for Sreekar Prasad,  .5 for music & BGM)

Movie canvas Punch : 10 Endrathukulla… regular commercial pot boiler