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Sampath Nandi of Racha fame and Mass MahaRaja Ravi Teja Bengal tiger had a good pre-release hype..it promised to break the records of Ravi Teja..did it??

Cast : Ravi Teja,Tamanna, Raashi Khanna,Boman Irani

Music: Bheem

Director : Sampath Nandi


Akash( Ravi Teja) is happy go luck guy is rejected by a girl in bridal visit for the reason that he is not a celebrity..With drunken friends around, he plans to become celebrity..He throws stone &hurts minister..when the party man come to know the reason, he gets him a job for his courage & character..Soon He gets a chance to save Home minister Daughter Shraddha( Raashi Khanna), who has been engaged to minister son falls slowly for Akash..No sooner, Home minster wants Akash to work for him..now he enters the home minister kingdom..

Because of Shraddha compulsion, Home minister cancels the engagement and announce his employee Akash has his Alludu in Shraddha birthday party where chief minister(Bomman Irani) is present..there comes the surprise, Akash gets into stage and rejects proposal , where all media & Party members are there..reason  he loves a girl. Chief minister assures if love is true he will surely arrange for marriage..Akash says that she loves a girl Meera(Tamanna) who is none other than CM daughter..as Meera  never met him in his life..Why did Akash does that?who is Meera? what is the connection with Akash &CM??forms the rest …


++ Who else..it s Mass Maharaja show all the way…though he looks lean , his energy level is awesome..full of energy in the action scenes, cool comedy timing & proves his versatile in timing…Punch lines are fierce & mass delivery..He is fantastic all over the movie….Ever energetic Ravi Teja fresh after Kick 2 debacle…

++ Raashi Khanna has better scope than Tamanna..She is cute & oozes glamour with bikini attire..Tamanna is as usual looks gorgeous in costumes and gives tough fight to Raashi in glamour..Rain song is treat…

++ Bomman Irani gets custom role of villain but looks fresh for the routing character..Prithiv is bang as future star is welcome change in the comedy dept..his awesome chemistry with Ravi Teja makes u laugh down the roof..Shayji Shindae, &few others did good in supporting role..

++ First half of the movie is mix of mass fights & adorable comedy..goes like sonic flight &lands fast in the interval with good twist ..

++ Soundar Rajan cinematography gives a fresh look &takes front seats in the songs shot in foreign location…fight scenes are well captured in the camera..Movie gets a rich look due to his experience..

++ Stunts by Ram Laxman does set fire in the screen with good climax  & bridge fight 

++ Background score by Chinna is adequate to raise the pulse of audience ..in specific the fights & punch lines

++ Good & Massy dialogues


Second half ..great first half failed to keep the momentum till the climax..songs often popping in the screen, limping screenplay,  all ready seen scenes, Villain meets, dead old revenge flashback story..second half is very bitter with cliche climax of Racha hangover..completely lost in 2nd half..

Bad songs & its placement is jarring…brings down movie tempo..if songs are good, than this would have not been a weakness..Bheem utterly fails though he gets typical Andhra style..it needs much better for mass Maharaja movie

Dumb acting by Tamanna &  she test our patience by regular expression in important scenes..Raashi too looks idle in many scenes..just glam prop nothing spl about them

Lots of movies inspired in the screenplay ..like Racha, Brucelee, Dookudu etc..nothing new in terms of story & sequences..

Bengal tiger movie  just saved by Ravi Teja energetic  & fantastic screen presence, with  hilarious comedy & super first half..2nd half played the spoilsport ..as it pulls down good movie to average fare..

Verdict : 5/10 (1 for Ravi Teja, 1 for Heroines glam, 1 for comedy & first half, 1 for photography, 1 for dialogues& stunts)

Movie canvas : Bengal tiger..limping with a roar